Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th October 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

The episode starts with Mayank telling Seema sorry for what happened yesterday. Seema says if you want to say sorry say it to Charu. mayank agrees to apologise to Charu but Seema has to forgive him first. Seema says yes when mayank’s father tells Seema that his shirt hasn’t been washed properly. Seema gets angry and says no one respects her.She starts complaining about a bunch of thing and mayank’s father says all she cares about is money. he leaves angrily. Seema continues to complain as mayank tries to calm her down. Then, sangeethe comes saying she has good news. It is about gifts that Charu’s parents are going to give. Seema becomes happy. Seema then tells mayank that by agreeing to marry Charu he has made their life better.she then says she remembers that Mayank wanted to tell her something. and mayank says yes but alone. sangeetha leaves very slowly and tries to listen to what Mayank is telling seema. Mayank tries to tell seema buy she says she knows that he want’s a three piece suit for his wedding. mayank looks frustrated. the scene shifts to the college Gunjan, rachana and Chayya are walking and chayya says if i had a gun i would shoot you both. she continues and says Dayal asked and you both just kept quiet and didn’t even ask if you could go. rachana says even if they asked he would say no and Gunjan says we should have at least tried, maybe he would agree. rachana says just forget about it. chayya gets angry and says i’m going to go and have lots of fun. then, she walks away angrily. Gunjan says now she also has to stay here and she tells Rachana bye and leaves. rachana looks upset and is walking when she bumps into Rajiv.rajiv asks her if she is okay and if she’s not feeling dizzy or anything like that. rachana shakes her head.

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Part 2

Rajiv walks away.rachana then tells herself that she is so stupid and she has to find some way to go for the picnic.the scene shifts back to the house where mayank is talking to Seema. Seema looks shocked and says mayank you don’t want to get married.seema the asks him if he doesn’t want to get married now or if he never wants to get married. mayank says he doesn’t want to get married now.He tries to explain what he means when Seema starts laughing and says she understands what he means. She then says everybody gets cool feet before getting married.then, mayank says she is telling something else. seema stops him before he can continue and say he shouls talk to Gopal as he went through the same thing before getting married. then mayanks says no, he doesn’t want to talk to Gopal but t=he wants to talk to Seema.seema says she won’t understand this man stuff. mayank looks frustrated. the scene shifts again to college and rachana is trying to tell Chayya not to be angry and Rachana says she is feeling really bad. chayya says if she is feeling bad she c=should go ask Dayal for permission to go for the trip. rachana says how can she ask he will say no. Chayya says she should at least try. some other girls join them and ask chayya whether she is going for the trip. chayya says yes and she is not the type that gives up easily. then, the start talking abut the trip. rachana looks sad as they talk. then they start talking about having fun there with rajiv. then, Rachana says that they should be ashamed to talk like that about their teacher and the trip is an educational trip and not a trip to have fun.then, one girl says she will do whatevr she likes with Rajiv (…awkward). Rachana says there is limit to being shameless and leaves angrily. gunjan sees Rachana sitting down and looking angry. she asks her whats the matter. rachana says she is angry at herself. she says everyone is going for the trip except for them. gunjan says its okay, they can always go next time. rachana says no and that they will never get a chance like this again. then, rachana tells gunjan please do something. gunjan says she not going to ask. rachana but even Gunjan wanted to go for the trip. ranchana says she never been out of benaras and begs Gunjan to ask Dayal for permission. gunjan says okay but how will they get him to agree. they think and the Rachana says she has an idea and lets try her idea. The scene changes to Gunjan and Rachana entering shail and Dayal’s room looking scared. then, Gunjan what do they do, Dayal isn’t even here. rachana says okay, lets go to college. They are about to leave the room when Dayal walks in.He asks if them if they need something. Gunjan says yes and Rachana says no both at the same time. gunjan gives rachana look for chickening out. Dayal looks at them confused. Gunjan says they wante dto give him beetle leaf that they bought for him. He starts chewing it and gunjan starts to butter him up by talking about history. he then says that everything has a history to it. She agrees with him.

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Part 3

Dayal says look at the time, his lunch break is over and he is about to leave. then, he turns around and says the plave where thay are going for their trip also has a history to it. he give s them permission to go for the trip and they are both happy. mayank is sitting on the sofa and looks upset. shail sits down and mayank tells her that seema is not listenng to what he has to say. shail says she understands it is difficult but he has to do it. shail suggests he talk to Prabhu. rachana and gunjan enter and tell shail that Dayal has allowed them to go. Rachana leaves to tell Chayya and Shail also walks away. Gunjan tells mayank that maybe with her not being around it will be easier for him to talk to his parents. Mayanks says he will and he leaves. it is night time. chaya and rachana have made the bed into a tent like thing.gunjan joins them and they talk about the trip. Gunjan says she really needed a break and thank god Dayal agreed. Chayya teases rachana about rajiv. chayya leaves and shail enters the room and tries to scare them.

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Part 4

shail tells them to sleep if they want to get up tomorrow. It’s the next morning and shail is getting their things ready. chayya shows up. Gunjan and rachana comes down after Shail calls them a few times. Gunjan looks to mayank and smiles. shail tells to take blessing from god before they leave. Thay both pray and then Gunjan looks at mayank turns around and prays again asking god to be with mayank when he tells everybody about them.

Episode ends


Gunjan falls into the water and some guys jumps in to save her. Then, some girl asks him how he fell inthe water when he is a champion swimmer. he then says but she isn’t a champion swimmer looking at Gunjan and says he cannot see a girl drown. Gunjan looks pissed and turns around and says what.

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