Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 12th October 2012 Written Episode

Adi is trying to know the truth, Harish stays mum. Adi says from his childhood he looked up to his Dad as his role model. He used to idolize his Dad, and had always given him preference. He is quite aghast that his Dad is not providing any explanation and so he storms out of the house.

Pankuri is standing like a statue and crying, unsure what to do next, Adi shouts from outside & she goes off as well.

PaYa reaches the Diwan mansion, but no one is there to open the door. Adi shouts for the guards and madly honks, but finding no one, goes out & opens the door himself and steers the car in rashly. The guard came rushing out. Adi is very much angry, and abuses the guard. Pankuri tries to hold back Adi. Pankuri gives her a piece of her mind, says that why he is taking out his anger on another person who is not even responsible for anything.

Pankuri tries hard to explain Adi that he has talked rubbish with his Dad, and he should have listened to him and talked politely. Adi says his father didn’t answer him even after repeated asking, what more he could do. Pankuri tries in vain to explain that a misunderstanding might have occurred, but Adi says his Mom is at least not lying. Pankuri says no one is saying that his Mom lied, there must have been some misinterpretation. Pankuri also tells him that his Dad didn’t answer as he is a sensitive man, and was upset like him.
Adi rudely talks with Pankuri as well, and tells her not to interfere in his matters.He also tells that his family members will never get united, that possibility is out of question and goes away.

At Harish’s house, Harish ponders over what has gone wrong, and why Avantika is accusing him of a affair. His Mom is worried as well. Harish says this is not the first time that Avantika made accusations and created a ruckus about him. She has done that before as well and seems to have been deeply hurt by all this.

At Diwan Mansion, Nana came to Avantika to pacify her and learn the details, but Avantika refuses to divulge details about the affair of Harish. Nana asks whether she is very much sure of the affair and why she kept these things within herself and never told her Dad. He rues the fact that Avantika might have thought her Dad incapable and unreliable in such matters.

Nana wants to know about the details of affair but Avantika only says that she is assured of the affair, and that’s why she spoke about it. She never accuses anyone without proofs, but doesn’t reveal much. She says if she tells all to him now, there is not much which he can do now, and by telling him about the affair the past won’t change and neither will Harish.

Adi wakes up early morning and thinks of making amends with Pankuri, so thinks of sending message. He has flashbacks of last day’s aggressive behavior with Pankuri and thinks of apologizing by saying that he has no control of himself when he is angry.

Pankuri too feels Adi over-reacted last night because of her anger. She was in a forgiving mood as well.

Meanwhile, at that instant, Harish turned up at the Diwan Mansion. Harish went up to Avantika, threw the divorce papers in front of her and asks her to sign on that.

Avantika is ready to sign, says she should have done that long ago, but before she could sign, Nana takes away the paper, and says it is a height of egoism & tells Avantika to at least think about her son.

Adi comes & says Avantika to sign fast, he knows that no one values relation here, otherwise last night’s incident wouldn’t have happened.

Harish says he is sorry, he didn’t want it, but is now forced to do it.

Adi says it is okay, he doesn’t need to give any explanation, and storms out.

Avantika is just going to sign that when Pankuri says Please don’t

PrecapQuite same as Promo. Adi comes in a drunken state and sees Pankuri with her parents. He puts his hand over her shoulder and tells that she is her best friend. Pankuri’s parents are shocked.

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