Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 15th October 2012 Written Episode

Raavi is extremely hurt and scolds Tanya for controlling her love-story. Raavi leaves the party and is sad. Pinky-Sweety act as if they saw her on the road and tell her that they’d gone to the mall. Raavi sits in the car.
– Raashi reminds Raavi about the card, when Raavi remembers about the card and thinks what to do further. Raashi decides to teach Mr Nitin a lesson
– Sweety is in a good mood and all the restricted things that she put for Lucky-Ginny-Rocky she allows they to do that. Rocky asks whether he can go to Agra, she says yes but ur friends need to meet me.
– Pinky asks Jeet weather he can cancel the transfer. Jeet tells that he’ll try. Pinky tells Sweety about the transfer and Sweety asks her to be positive.
– Nitin comes to Ahuja house with the card in his hand. Raavi is shocked. Nitin tells, someone gave me this love letter, that too from “R” He tells who will give me a LL who already has a hot GF? He says, Raavi starts from “R” this is u only naa? Raavi is dreaming.
– Some filler scene where Mrs Chadda comes and scares Pinky. Pinky asks her to come later. She is worried and wants the transfer to happen. She decides to go to meet Jeet since the boss has come there.
– Tanya comes over and tells Raavi that Nitin must have not yet read the card, she smiles and Raavi thinks. Episode Ends!

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