Pavitra Rishta 16th October 2012 Written Episode

The doctor comes out and says that Soham is asking for his Maiyee .Varsha says that he calls her maiyee and is about to go but Manav tells Archana that she should go in as Soham’s mother . Balan gets furious and attacks Manav . The Police controls Balan . Another police inspector comes to arrest Balan and Varsha for kidnapping Soham .Varsha tells the inspector that she will go with the police but wants to see her son one last time .
Manav instructs the Police Officer to take Varsha and balan away . The police drags them away as Varsha is screaming and telling Archana to let her see Soham one last time .

Archana enters the operation room, Soham is lying there unconscious . Archana remembers baby Soham and when he was a toddler . She takes his hand and starts crying asking him to open his eyes and blaming herslef for his condition . She keeps telling him that she is his mother and wants her baby to open his eyes .

Purvi is trying to get a rickshaw to go home .It is late night and the autos are not stopping .Arjun’s car stops and he offers her a lift home .She first refuses but later she agrees to go with him .The car stops at a red signal .A little girl is selling flowers , she asks Arjun to buy the flowers and blesses his couple ( Jodi ) with Purvi .Arjun is about to buy the flowers but Purvi tells the girls tht she does not wants the flowers .Then Purvi tells the driver to stop and she gets out of the car .
Arjun is just looking at how she is trying to avoid him but he is not saying anything .

Arjun comes home looking very tired .Ovi who was waiting for him opens the door .The driver comes and tells Purvi Ovi that Purvi left her diary in Arjun’s car .Ovi looks at Arjun and takes the diary from the driver .
Arjun tells Ovi that he gave Purvi a lift in his car as it was very late .Ovi doesn’t say anything to him about Purvi and asks him if he wants to have dinner .Arjun tells her that he had dinner with his clients and is not hungry .
After Arjun leaves , Ovi thinks that Arjun is not telling her the truth and is meeting Purvi secretly even though he is married to her now and she will nto let this carry on for long .

The doctor tells Manav that Soham is still in a critical state .There is a very good heart specialist in Mumbai who is alredy very busy with a surgery and if Soham can be taken to Mumbai then he is ready to operate on him . Manav tells the doctor that he is ready to do anything to save Soham’s life .

Balan and Varsha are in Mumbai and in the same jail where Inspector Sameer Rane in in charge .Balan threatens Sameer that his son is a bahubali and he knows big politicians and they will come to save him .Sameer smiles and tells Balan that this is Mumbai and not Darbangha and he has helped a kidnapper and so he too was part of the crime . He tells Balan that Soham is not his but Manav Deshmukh’s son .
Varsha begs Sameer to call Archana and find out how Soham is doing .Balan is also worried about Soham’s condition as he is worried that his Lala should soon get better and start his illegal activities soon .

Sameer calls Manav to find out about Soham . Mana vtells him that Soham is stil lcritical and is now in Mumbai .sameer tells manav to have faith in God .Manav puts the phone down and he starst crying and blaming himself for Soham’s condition .Archana tells him to stop blaming himself and have faith in God .
The Cardiac specialits starts the operation . Manav tells Archana that the specialist is very good and experienced and Soham’s operation will be successful ..He also tells Archana that in all this situation , they forgot to tell Sulochna what is happening and he will call her now .

Manav calls Purvi and tells her everything . A shocked Purvi tells Sulochna that the Gunda Vishnu is Soham dada . Sulochna cannot believe this that this could be happening to Archana and her daughter could be the mother of such a son .Purvi tells Sulochna not to say all this about Soham but Sulochna is angry and says that Soham kidnapped Purvi and asked so much ranson from Manav .
Purvi tells Sulochna that she can never forget what Soham did for her when she was kidnapped . She tells Sulochna how Soham took care of her and protected her from getting beaten up by his friends and also made her eat .
Purvi says that even if he had no idea about her , he took care of her like a big brother . She says that his upbringing was wrong but his blood is the same as Aie and baba and it is not Soham’s fault .
Sulochna blames varsha for all that is happening .
Purvi says that Soham is their own and they should not talk abd about him , he is fighting for his life . Purvi tells Sulochna how Soham was holding Archana at gunpoint and mana vshot Soham . Now Sulochna is very shocked and worried about Archana .

Precap : Arjun is in his office and very angry . Punni and Ovi are also standing i nthe office .Arjun’s company has lost an important tender .Arjun throws the file and says that if Purvi was here then they would have never lost the tender and after so many days , his company has still not got a good replecement for Purvi . Ovi is listening to all this quietly .

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