Pavitra Rishta 18th October 2012 Written Episode

DK offers Sulochna and Purvi to drop them home but Purvi immediatley declines .DK tells Purvi that they have two cars and one of them will drop them home and Arjun and DK will go in another car .

Ovi comes in Arjun’s office and tells him that Purnima has joined the office from today and would like to talk to Arjun .Arjun is reluctant but Ovi tells him that Punni is her cousin and he can do at least this much for Ovi so Arjun agrees .
Punni comes in his office and says that she is truly sorry for everything she did and thanks him for giving her the job back .
Arjun tells Punni that the two reasons why she got her job back are because she was recommended by Ovi and can now help Ovi in her work and also because she is Ovi’s sister .
A staff comes in a tells Arjun that the company has lost an important tender .Arjun is furious and accuses his staff for not knowing their work . He says that if Purvi was here then they would have never lost the tender and why have they not found a suitable replacement for Purvi.
Ovi looks disturbed when she sees the way Arjun is talking about Purvi .
To Arjun’s dismay, it was the rival company , Service Industries , that eventually got the tender .

Service industries ( SI ) is the company where Purvi works now .Her boss appreciates her efforts and tells her that the only reason why they got this tender is because of her . Purvi is also happy with the way her boss is encouraging her .When she comes out of his office , her team congratulates on her on her achievment .
When they all leave Purvi remembers how she had once got a big tender for Arjun’s company and a delighted Arjun told her that after they get married then she will become his wife and the Director of OVT Group of Indistries and she will be the one ruling everything including the boss. Purvi feels sad thinking about the past .

Manav and Archana are sitting in the hospital corridor .Manav is disappointed with Teju and Ovi’s reaction .Archana tells him that with time both Teju and Ovi will understand .Manav says that when Soham will know about his real parents then he will be furious as he considers Varsha and balan to be his real parents .
Manav then goes to get some injections for Soham . Savita calls Archana and asks about Soham .Archana tells her that Soham is still unconscious .Then Savita asks her about Manav and Archana tells her that Manav still is feeling guilty about shooting Soham .Savita tells Archana that she should eat and not just always care about others . Savita calls Archana ‘ beta ‘ many times and even offers to bring food from home .Archana is looking happy to hear Savita talk to her so nicely and she tells Savita that she will eat from the Canteen .
Teju is listening to this conversation from the other room .

Archana looks at an unconscious Soham and remembers a scene from her past .
Soham , when he was a toddler , had fallen from his bicycle and was crying .Archana consoled him and told Manav off for not looking after the boy . Manav says that his son is a strong boy and one day he will make his mother proud of him .Archana says that she does not want to think that far and right now all Soham has to do is play a lot and enjoy .

Archana comes back in her present and looks sad . Manav comes back and she talks to him about her fears .She too is worried that when Soham wakes up then he will hate his real parents .
Purvi calls Archana and asks about Soham dada . Archu is worried as Soham is still not up . She tells Archana that sedatives were given to Soham so he can recover in time and to have faith . Archu asks her about Sulochna and also of her first day at work .Purvi tells her that everyone at her work is happy with her .Archana feels happy and proud to hear this .

Manav and Archna go to sleep , sitting on the hospital couch .Archu suddenly wakes up .She asks a policeman if any doctor went in Soham’s room and she is told that only a ward boy went out of the room .Archu decides to check Soham and she is horrified to see that his bed is empty .

Soham , dressed as the ward boy is injured and is running on the street .He remembers that when he regained conscious in the hospital, a police inspector came to him and threatened him that he is going to get arrested as soon as he gets well as he has caused too much trouble and now not just him but also his Maiyee and baba are in the lock up .Soham gets very worried to hear this . He thinks that this is all the doing of Manav Deshmukh who now wants to trap his parents and trouble them . When that Inspector leaves , he attacks the ward boy and escapes in his clothes .

Both Archana and Manav are furious with the hospital security staff. They scream at the Doctor and want to know where their son is .The doctor tells them that their son injured the wrdboy and has ran away and now they are waiting for the ward boy to gain conscious so that they can question him .

Precap : Varsha is in the lock up and Soham is standing outside ,a Police man tells Soham ‘ you call her your mother but she is actually your mausi ( aunt) , she kidnapped you when you were a baby and ran away with you to Patna ‘.
A horrified Soham looks at Varsha .
Varsha looks down and says ‘ what ever the Inspector says is true ‘ .

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