Sasuraal Simar Ka 24th October 2012 Written Episode

Short Update

So police have come to the hospital to investigate abt khushi from premar.veru sees that premar are busy talking abt it.he then sneak into the room and tries to steal the baby.while simar feels anxious abt her baby and so she left to Ho into the ward.she sees that het baby is not in the crib.meanwhile veru hides behind the curtain.simar screames for het baby.veru accidentally knocks some equipment simar asks who is there veru thn tries to sneak out simar sees het and tries to vase her.veru runs away from the hospital.prem and the police sees that.simar tels prem that veru had run away eitj the baby.police thn order his forces to surround the hospital so that veru can’t house roli is praying in front of macaroni jagran is going on.khushi thn walks off from her room to find out abt veru wereabout.she meets up with veru and they decide to run whn police and premar surround them.premar realize that veru and khushi are mixed with each other in their plan.prem asks veru to give the baby to him.veru thn throws the baby off the top and thn find away.while both khushi,premar look up at the sky.just as rosid put the churni on top of matarani.premar think abt holding up the dadi in such a way that they can catch the baby.after 5 minutes the baby falls on heir hand.khushi tries to escape but lady police catch het precap simar is.holding on the baby while Mataji is giving the child its blessing

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