Honge Juda Na Hum 25th October 2012 Written Episode

Muskaan tells Anirudh she found them and he says he is just coming. But before Muskaan can show them to him, they disappear again. Anirudh and Muskaan go in the direction where Muskaan had spotted Rohan and Anu. Muskaan spots them playing Dandiya again but they again disappear. Muskaan says they should also start playing to find them. ence, Muskaan and Anirudh also start playing Dandiya. Finally, Muskaan spots Anu and tries calling out to her but she doesn’t notice. Anu herself is looking for Muskaan. Rohan says it’s her fault, they should’ve stayed outside. Anu takes out her phone to call Muskaan and spots a message by Muskaan and replies. They decide to meet outside the soft drink stall.
Muskaan takes Anirudh to the stall and spots Rohan coming too. She points them to Anirudh but Rohan drops something and bends down. By the time he gets up, Anirudh gets an emergency call and he says he is just reaching. He apologises to Muskaan for this and she asks him to leave but come back if he gets free. Anirudh leaves and Muskaan spots Rohan and Anu. She finally goes and meets them. Anu compliments Muskaan and Rohan also checks her outTongue He complains that no one will look at him with those two around. Anu says this is just a reason to hear his praise and says he is looking good too. Muskaan apologises from Anirudh’s side but just then spots Anirudh come back. He calls out to him but he doesn’t listen. His credit card drops and he leaves. Rohan offers to go and return his credit card.
Anirudh walks out and rohan follows with his credit card. Anirudh is telling the nurse that he will be reaching. Just then Rohan taps him and Anirudh is shocked to see Rohan. Rohan returns his credit card and in a trance, Anirdh thanks him. Rohan goes back inside leaving Anirudh disturbed. While driving, Anirudh is worried about RM coming face-to-face and decides that he cannot leave Muskaan alone there.
Rohan tells Muskaan and Anu that Anirudh is a busy man and was at his phone all along. Anu says she wants a photo with the three of them together.
Anirudh, meanwhile, is in a fix because he cannot leave Muskaan alone but he must be with his patient too. He calls Muskaan up and gives her instructions on what to do if she gets dizzy. Muskaan is confused but assures him that she is fine. She asks him to come if he is free since there is a couple dance competition and he promises he would.
Muskaan returns to her company and Anu urges Rohan and her to take part in the competition. But Muskaan doesn’t know how to play dandiya. She says Anu and Rohan should take part since Rohan will lose because of her. Anu and Rohan have a small bicker on who is a better dancer.
Anirudh gets a call from the nurse that another doctor has reached the hospital for the operation. Anirudh asks her to call him if anything is required. He decides to go back to Muskaan.
Muskaan is happily watching Rohan and Anu dance while Anirudh is driving to the venue.
Muskaan praises Rohan and Anu’s pair and their dancing skills as they won the competition. Rohan admits that Anu is a fab dancer and Muskaan says that it was a very good idea to come here. They decide to go and eat something. Muskaan wants to eat paanipuri and Rohan gets happy because he likes paanipuri too. Anu refuses to eat because she is on diet so Rohan decides to have her shareTongue Rohan tries to tempt Anu and pulls her leg. He tries to coax her into eating something and flatters her by saying that even if she bloats up he will never leave her side. Anu gets happy and eats but it is too hot for her and Rohan goes to get water for her.
Anirudh walks in and Muskaan gets happy seeing him. Anu finds him to be very cute and Muskaan decides to play around with Anirudh. She whispers something to Anu and pretends to faint. Anu plays along and Anirudh gets worried. Muskaan bursts out laughing and this annoys Anirudh. Muskaan spots Rohan coming and Muskaan introduces him to Anirudh as her enemy-cum-friend. Anirudh is shocked that this is Muskaan’s new friend.

Precap: Anirudh and Muskaan return home and Muskaan tells her that she enjoyed a lot. She also slips about Anu and Rohan and Tara doesn’t look pleased.

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