Punar Vivah 26th October 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Blue moon lounge
When yash goes to get her favourite dessert she is drawn back to the memory opf a similar date that she had with prashant wher he very similarly took care of her likings like the smiley,pizza and jalebi with butterscotch icecream.She is worried that the new friend of yash might be prashant.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s house
The kids pester arti about prateik and pari going on a honeymoon and payal asks arti whats a honeymoon.Both yash and arti are embarassed but seeing arti at a loss of explanation to the kids,yash takes over and tells them that when a husband takes his wife out to a nice place for fun thats called a honeymoon.The kids ask when would their parents go on a honeymoon.Arti gets extremely shy hearing this and yash too is a aloss of words.Just then the kids are called outside for the waiting school bus and the topic gets diverted.The kdis leave leaving arti and yash alone in the room.Arti comes upto him and asks her to take the honeymoon and keep them on the bed.yash is startled to hear this but arti rectifies saying that she meant pillows instead of honeymoon.They both have a nice laugh over it.However sshe realsies that she has to go to her mother’s place as she had promised and takes yash’s permission to go there.

Location: Yash’s house
In the kitchen vidhi is teasing pari about their honeymoon in sweden and is asking her in a mischievous way to keep him warm in winters as its a very cold country.She says she means it by getting him proper woollen clothes for bearing the cold.Seeing pari embarassed arti and vidhi are enjoying.But then vidhi doesnt even spare arti by telling her to give some tips about how to spend a honeymoon as she has had previous experience with yash in mumbai.Arti gets overshy and gets at vidi for teasing her like that.While they get busy having fun,pari is shown worriedly pondering over something.

Scene 4:
Location: Arti’s house
Prashant shobha and dubeyji are discussing arti’s arrival as she had promised.shobha is made to be detrmined that she would ask for ansh’s bone marrow for prashant’s transplant.However prashant doesnt want to be in front of arti when she gets to know about him.A ususal round of arguments and counterarguements follow which is finally put to an end by a knock on the door.They all know its arti ans while shobha proceeds to open the door,prashant hides himself behind the bedroom door.

Shobha opens the door to find an impatient artio waiting outside complaining that off late she has started opening the door very late.Then sh comes inside and starts non stop blabbering about how romantic yash has become and how she is indeed very grateful to her and her father in law that they got their daughter in law to remarry and that too o a man like yash who loves her so much now and has become the perfect father for ansh and has filled the gap that his original father had created by levaing.While arti is gloating about yash,dubeyji motions shobha to talk to her about ansh’s bone marrow.But everytime she tries to talk arti shuts her up with her overbubbly exuberance and her non stop stories about how ansh and yash comeplet her.Shobha congratulates her on the surprise.Arti is surprised where did she know it from.She fumbles and then manages to say yash,arti presumes that he must have told her too.Next arti sensing shobha a little disturbed,she ask her what did she have to talk to her about,the minute shobha mentions ansh,again by her presumptuous nature she presumes that she must have been sad that ansh hasnt called her.But she defends him saying that he is obsessed with his dad,yash these days.Prashant is hearing all this with emotions welling up in his eyes.Sh goes on to ramble about how thy hav become the bestest of friends and goes back to the time when prashnat had left hr and she used to console ansh who wanted his dad to fulfill his demands.She comments that now he doesnt have to write his demands on a chit under the pillow as yash fulfills them even before he says it,being the ideal father.She then scorns at herself for bringin up old topics and in a bid to change the topic,she asks shobha why has she not started cleaning up the house before diwali that she normally does and asks if anything’s bothering her.She replies in the negative making up an excuse of time flying by through the day.Arti assures her that she would assist her in cleaning.She turns around to start and notices prashant’s watch lying on the table.She picks it up,to shobha and prashnat’s horror and recognizes it to be the same one that she had gifted prashant.The screen freezes on her puzzled face.

Precap:Arti tells shobha that soon yash would be here and he would know that something is wrong with her seeing her upset face and he would ask her a million wuestions and she wont be able to lie to him.this startles shobha and prashant who’s still in hiding.she says that she cant reveal the truth also because that is what shobha and dubeyji too wanted that nobody in the scindia family should know that she is a divorcee nd not a widow.

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