Bigg Boss Season 6 30th October 2012 Written Episode

episode update starts with Urvashi tells Ashka that Sidhu is supporting wrong person. Night of the compaign begins.

Urvashi called Niketan an idiot who keeps bosting about his contacts. Delnaaz try to make everyone understand that it is just a task for 2 days and should not make relationship spoils because everyone has to stay after that as well. Tension built up between Aseem and Urvashi.

Aseem felt hurt by Urvashi’s comment but then they clarified. Ashka further commented on Sapna that she is getting insane may be because of exessive bleaching hair. Delnaaz joined Niketan’s party but keeps it a secret. Vrajesh and Urvashi decide to get united against Sapna.

Delnaaz was told to join one party and task. She was given special to make another vote to a party in case if they both have same votes. Aseem and Delnaaz discussing about behavior problems. All members get into terrible anger.

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