Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 30th October 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Nidhi comes to her room and keeps something in the cupboard..! Next day in the morning.. in the car.. Nidhi asks why Ashu is smiling..? Ashu says that having kids at home brings lots of cheer! Nidhi says.. DB was saying same thing.. and that she was asking when AshNi will have kids! Nidhi says..she told DB clearly that its not possible now..! Ashu says that if DB forces..then he too will tell DB clearly that he supports her in this decision ..! Nidhi thanks him and Ashu says.. only women can decide when they want to have kids..! Nidhi rues that wonder why DB is raising same issue again n again..! Nidhi says..seeing Ashus love for Khushi.. she must have thought that if Ashu had his own kid..he would have been more happy..! Ashu says.. he loves Khushi like she is his own kid..! Nidhi self thought..cant tell Ashu about Khushi having stolen money! Dehradun cop calls up the Lucknow cops and says.. they have traced some more info on the missing gilr and her name is Kashish and her house is locked but they have managed to locate her school..! The Lucknow cop wonders if he is mistaking Khushi for someone else..! His sub inspector suggests to wait for the photo and then decide!

Anjie shows.. Rangu pics of baby formation in the mothers womb thru the weeks and Rangu explains her the development .. ..! Anjie asks Rangu how he knows it all and Rangu says..coz he is a Qualified doc..! Anjies gynac calls Rangu and says that she needs to get some more tests on Anjie.. ! Rangu asks if there is some issue and she says..only after the tests she can say anything and asks him to come to meet her next day..! Anjie is worried and asks the matter and Rangu says. all is well… just called for discussions..!

Khushi comes to the bathroom an senses something is amiss..! She is shocked to see that the bundle of money is not there..! She asks Kaka if he cleaned her room and Kaka says no.! She asks why her room is so clean? Who cleaned it..? Kaka says.. Nidhi was saying..that she was gonna clean so she mite have done..! Kaka asks if something is missing and Khushi says.. nothing..! Khushi is looking in all the drawers.. kitchen cabinets..! She comes in Nidhis room ..! She searches in the drawer .. bed.. study table..! She ends up throwing the ..! She looks into AshNis cupboard..! She opens the drawer n finds the bundle of notes..! DB sees …but doesnt confront directly..! Khushi goes into her room and closes the door!

DB calls Nidhi and tells her to come home fast .. ! Nidhi asks the matter but DB says.. to come fast..! Ashu comes to Nidhi ..and says DB called him .too .. n asks if she is busy..she may stay back..his work is done so he is going..! Nidhi says..Priyanka has come so she can go..! AshNi comes and DB says.. someone was stealing .. and she had to call..! DB tells Ashu Khushi was stealing the money kept in Nihis cupboard.. but din say anything as she wanted to tell them first..! She says..that

Ashu asks Nidhi why she din tell him that Khushi stole? Nidhi says..she wante too but stopped for his sake..! Ashu says.. that.. he is more hurt that Khushi stole.. they fave her everything.. ! Nidhi says..she din steal coz she neededanyting but coz she is habituated to stealing..! She needs counseling..! If Khushi is made to understand.. she wont repeat..the same thing again possibly!

AshNi come to Khushis room..! Nidhi asks Ashu to take it easy.! Ashu tells Khushi he needs to talk to her.. Khushi asks what? Ashu asks if she is happy? Khushi says..yes..! Ashu asks if she needs anything ? Khushi says nothing..! Ashu asks why she took the money..! Khushi says..she din take any money..! Ashu ells Khushi ..that he knows everything… she has the money.,! He tells her that stealing n lying is wrong.. .. many make mistakes ..but we should accept .mistake n correct it.. so better she return the money..! Khushi stays put..! Ashu gets up and leaves..! Khushi is crying and Nidhi sees…! Khushi writes sorry on piece of paper and takes the money n keeps it on Ashus side of the bed..! She turns to leave and sees Nidhi and glares!

Part 2

Khushi runs away…! Nidhi sees the money and note kept on Ashus side of the bed! She sees the note and keeps the money in cupboard ..! She comes to Khushis room but Khushi slams the door on her!

Part 3

Nidhi asks Ashu where he had gone? Ashu says outside.. ! Khushi tells Ashu to come inside so she can show something..! She shows Ashu the Sorry note from Khushi! Ashu reads and says that he hopes Khushi wont repeat it again .. n Nidhi says. she hopes the same! Nidhi asks Ashu to come for dinner! Khushi rues that Nidhi keeps chasing her.. she must have filled Ashus ears..! She resolves to teach Nidhi a lesson

Precap — Nidhi says..that she wants to get up early.. for an operation..! She will keep alarm of 6am so she can get up and Ashu can continue to sleep! Next day morning Khushi gets up and spills oil on the floor of the hall so that Nidhi slips and falls..! Nidhi gets up to walk out of the bed!

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