Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st October 2012 Written Episode

In mandir, Gopi takes out her cell and tries to fix it but she couldnt. Gopi starts crying thinking her family might be worried of her. gopi prays god to help her. Later gopi calls for help. The bell will be swinging slowly. Gopi finds that she dint set her crown so she goes behind the idol to set it. And suddenly the bell falls down.

In modi bhawan, Nani asks koki for gopi but before koki answers few guests arrive modi bhawan. They too ask for gopi. Koki and hetal think of calling ahem. Jigar in the market will be searching and calling police to find out gopi. Ahem and parag will be showing gopi’s picture to people and asks for details. In modi bhawan mandir, Rashi will be praying god to send gopi home safely. Urmi calls rashi and tells she dint find gopi yet. Rashi tells that everyone has come to know about gopi missing and everyone are searching for her.

At urmi’s place, Kinjal gets ready for gopi’s baby shower and thinks she will be more beautiful than everyone in the party. Dhawal too gets ready and applies perfume. He takes a flower and comes near kinjal. Dhawal tells that he couldnt attend the baby of shower of gopi so she should bless gopi from his side too. Dhawal gets a call and he tells he is on the way. Dhawal comes out, goes downstairs and starts his scooter. Kinjal also comes downstairs hurried and follows dhawal in an auto.

In modi bhawan, Koki will be worried about gopi. Guests will be asking for gopi and modis stay clam. Ahem, parag and jigar will be searching for gopi still. In mandir, Gopi hears a drunken man talking to devi maa. Gopi asks who is this. That person thinks its devi maa speaking to him. gopi asks that man to help her. The man asks why did u give me another girl when i have 2 already blah blah blah. Gopi looks at that person from the key hole. the person tells he is leaving the baby in the temple. Gopi pleads the person not to leave the child. Gopi explains him that girl is the blessing of devi maa and shouldnt be ignored. Many people are waiting to have a baby. If he leaves the baby here he might feel guilt after few years. the guy feels guilt and decides not to leave the child in the temple. The guy takes away the baby and leaves. Gopi calls him but he walks off. Gopi again feels bad for her family and baby. Here in modi bhawan mandir, koki prays god: hey krishna bhagwan, please be with my gopi bahu. i know in whatever situation she is she will not be alone. my khana will be with her and help her all time.

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