Pavitra Rishta 1st November 2012 Written Episode

Sundri is telling Damodar and Teju about Savita’s brawl with the new neighbours .She tells them about their name and what happened . Savita also comes in and tells them that she took good care of the Gujrati lady and totally overshadowed her in the brawl .Damodar wants to know how were the two ladies fighting when they could not understand each other’s language .Savita is tired and she goes to rest .Sundri tells Teju and Damodar that the other lady called Snehlata also fought back and fot he first time it seemed that savita has met her match .Teju regrets not being there when all this was going on .
Purvi meets Archana outside .She tells Archana that she is still looking for a job but has not told anyone at home about this .Archana tells her that she should not worry about getting a new job and soon she will find one . Purvi tells Archana that as soon as she finds it she will herself tell the family and right now she does not want Ovi to know all this as there are problems between Ovi and Arjun .Archana tells Purvi that Ovi had come to her about the same problem but Archana has explained to Ovi everything and now she understands . Purvi tries to explain why she and Arjun were together at the wedding .Archu says that she knows Purvi well so she need not give any explanations and need not worry about Ovi as Purvi did nothing wrong .

Balan barges in Manav’s Office building .He pushes the watchman and also another passing by staff and goes in the building .Manav is busy in a meeting in his conference room . Balan , very rudely, calling out Manav’s name goes in the room .DK requests everyone to leave the room .Manav calls for security but Balan tells him that he took care of his secrity guy . Balan tells Manav that after 10 days , Vishnu’s court hearing will start and then he threatens Manav that he better not stand witness against his Lala or else Balan will hurt him and his family . A furious Manav is not the least bit intimidated by balan’s Gundagiri and tells Balan that he is most definitey going to stand witness against Vishnu because Balan’s son is a Gunda and a criminal .Manav tells Balan tha the is going to get the best Criminal lawyer in town to get Vishnu punished Clap .
The security comes in and DK tells them to throw balan out .Balan tries to attack Manav bu tthe security drags him out .On his way out , Balan is hurling abuses at Manav and telling him that he will now finish him ..
Manav tells DK that he will make sure that Balan is punished because he turned his son in a criminal and also threatened Archana .
Archana comes in the office . She is worried about Manav .Manav tells her that he is now more sure than ever that he will get the best criminal lawyer and put Vishnu behind bars . Dk also supports Manav .Archana looks worried .
Manav tells DK that Archna will take care of the donations for Ashna’s death anniversary but they should finish their meeting . DK thanks Manav for taking care of everything like a family member .

Balan is very angry for being thrown out of th building like this .He goes in the parking lot and decides to teach Manav a lesson .He gets under Manav’s car and messes up something with a little knife . Instead of Manav , it is Archana who comes and sits in the car .The driver drives off from the building .Balan is happy that even though Manav did not come , it is Archana who is now going to die in an accident and Manav will be crying all his life .

Vishnu is standing near some stalls and telling his friends tha the is not going to touch alcohol ever again as he has promised his mother .His friends are making fun of him for making such a promise . Archana’s car is passing near by .The car is going fast and the driver is unable to control it .The driver tells Archana that the breaks are not working .Archana is scared as the car is totally out of control .The car has a head on collision with a tree on the road side .
The driver and Archana both faint .Archana is hurt in her forehead .
Vishnu and his gang are standing near by , they rush to save the passengers from the car .After they drag the driver out , Vishnu triess to unlock the back door but the locks are jammed .He goes i nthe car and sees Archana .
Immediately the memory of Archana slapping him comes to his mind and he gets out of the car leaving Archana in it .He walks to his friends and says that they will only save the driver and not the lady in the car .
His friend notices that the petrol tank has started to leak and they should immediately run away as the car is about to blow up and this lady is going to die .
When Vishnu hears this he turns back and runs to the car. His friends tell him not to put his life at risk but Vishnu gets Archana out of the car that was about to blow up .

Vishnu rushes an unconscious Archana to the hospital . looking worried he tells the doctor to take care of Archana as she has had an accident and is hurt .The doctor wants him to fill up a form but Vishnu does not wish to get into the hassle of police and all that so he just runs away from there .
Manav , Purvi and DK come rushing to the hospital to see Archana .Archana regains conscious and tells them that she has the accident because the car breaks failed .Manav asks her who brought her in the hospital but she does not know as she had fainted .Manav strongly suspects Balan for this mishap .DK tells Manav to forget about it right now and just be glad that Archana is safe .
Purvi goes out to get water for Archana .She asks the doctor who was the guy who brought her mother in .The doctor does not know his name .Purvi thanks the guy, in her heart , as it was because of him that her mother is safe from the accident .

Precap : Balan is telling Soham that he failed the car breaks so that manav would have an accident but instead of Manav , Archana sat in the car . He regrets that someone helped Archana out of the car and saved her life and also spoiled Balan’s plans …
Soham is quietly listening to this and is looking worried .

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