Qubool Hai 1st November 2012 Written Episode

eyyy guysss For me it was an awsome episode it was a complete package …drama ,emotion,comedy,relations ,everything was there in it…Qabool Hai was amaxing todayClapClapClapClap
It started with Zoya returning home and the convo between her sister and her was really sweet, the way her elder sis was woried was really well portrayed…Then Zoya’s emotional side to know her past …

Then came the sweet, cute Step mom awww she was awsome today i laughd my heart out at her acting she was so cute…When Mumani jaan was flaming her up against Asad’s Mom she was really cute…LOLLOLLOLLOL
Then came the much waited KSG …hayyeee…KSG IN WHITE I GUESS HE HAS GOT A HAIR CUT HE WAS LOOKING AWSOMEDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming…it was really nice….Ami was cleaning his wounds and he was talking to her clearing his stance””MEIN TAMASHA NAHI KARNA CHAHTA THA,MAGAR 17 SAAL BAAD UNHE SAMNE DEKH KAR MEIN APNE AAP KO ROOK NAHI PAYA”””
the way Ami jan ignored him was so touchy…CryCryCryCry

The pain in KSG eyes was so intense …KSG u rule man
After that when Rashid called the anger of KSG was fabolously shownStarStarStarStar
Ami jaan and Ksg small talk…

“””Mujhe aaj tak pata nahi chala ke meri galti kia thi”””

Then when she asked KSG to get married and when KSG replied ”’Mujhe dar lagta hai mein kisi aur ko chot na pohancha doon…meri Fitraat mein hoga Janaab Rashid sahab ka beta hoon…”””Ying YangYing YangYing YangYing Yang

FITRAAT it was so awsome to hear it from KSG he pronounced it so well…

The Song sequence was something to die for specially in KSG n Rashid part it was so well picturised i loved it to the core …Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

Next day Ayaan was shown so worried about his Bhai jaan …it was really good…Asad is not only a Brother to Ayaan he takes him as a Role model a father figure…and he showed it really well

Step mom was so cute with the glass of juice…Ayaan beta hum aap ke liye juice laye hain aap ne kal raat se darwaza nahi khola …””””””””.NAZUK SA BETA HAI LOL abu ko bola ke lati hon a kar darwaza khol dein”””

Then when she said “””iss ghar mein sare aath hazar (8500 rs) ka juicer is liye aya hai ke aap kabhi kabhi juice pe liya kijiye takat ati hai”””

Haha she is really funnyLOLLOLLOLLOL
Ayaan spilled the glass of juice i find it rude actually then he moved out in anger …and fell from the bike…and Rashid stopped him…it made him look like a teen ager in actual…AngryAngryAngry

Rashid and Ayaan convo was really good where Ayaan confronted his dad that he doesnot love his son Asad if he had loved him ,he wd have called him once…and Rashid face told something that was secretive…i guess there is something fishy in between…Rashid looks quite mature …but the actor who is playing the role of RASHID is acting really wellSmileSmileSmile
Ayaan needs to work a little more on his diallogue delivery this was the only thing that was a little negative abt today’s episode …yeah they showed KSG less waiting anxiously for tomorows episode KSG in suit…my my…

Precap looked amaxing,as Dad calls the son’s mom

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