Balika Vadhu 5th November 2012 Written Episode

Shiv continues we r not made for each other, we have diff POV ect. Anandi got Fb of ILU.Ira asked what he is talking abt?? Shiv noticed jag above who folded his hands not to reveal anything. Anandi noticed jag too n got Fb of the suitcase in the room. Shiv remains silent. Ds seems happy. Bahiron again qs shiv abt the reason behind his NO.. basant n bhairon keep asking him. Anandi tells them to leave collector saab as she knows y he is saying that. She comes down. All eyes r on her now. Anandi in pain says CS doesn’t want to maary her coz of jagiya. All stunned.Cm is angry. All eyes r now on jagiya.Shiv looks at jagiya who slowly came down.

Bhiron asked her what she means. Jagiya tells that he requested shiv as he realized after losing anandi. Now he wants to start a new life with her. Anandi asks shiv for this only he wanted to free her so that she can return back to jagiya. shiv remain silent. Anandi tells bhiaron that shiv wants to join the lost link of the family.Its very strange that the person she loved from childhood left her for another girl now CS whom she accepted as her future companion, he too left. Why nobody wants to know what she wants!! Shiv is in guilt. Bhiron angry. Rest confused.

She tells shiv that y he cudnt get what she wanted. Is he seeing any feeling or love for jag in her eyes now?? Jagiya n she had a child marriage n forced to live together. And passing time she gave all things to the relationship. But he left her for another girl. He insulted me. But at that time when she was completely broken, shiv acme and took care of her. He gave her the care, the concern, the “lagav” which she craved for long without even know. Now suddenly he wants to snatch that from her! Y?? She asked everyone y everyone thinks she will do whatever others want like a kathputli(doll). She says shiv came as an angle into her life. Took care of her, stood in between her past n her so that she cant even get the pain of her past. She always likes that. If she wud have any feeling for jagiya then she wud haven’t even smiled at him, frdship wud have been the impossible thing for her. she doesn’t say that .so that doesn’t mean she loves cudnt her get that or she expected a lot from him, its her fault. Shiv is in gulit. CM is in tears. All too. Ds is in gulit.

Now she wants to take decision on her own, that’s her right, what she feels it right. She asks bhairon Now let CS to go. She then thanked shiv for all n he can go now. She went away. Shiv is in gulit. Gehena wanted go with her. Basant asked her to leave her alone.all r in tears.

Precap- shiv tells jagiya that anandi after lots of difficulties able to trust him , now he(Shiv) broke it again. He cares for her n he is going to her n leaves. Jagiya looks at him. Dadu tells bahiron that shiv will take care n can convince anandi.

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