Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 5th November 2012 Written Episode

Arnav and Khushi romancing and finally the moon comes out and Khushi runs out. Mami is talking to Mama on the phone and breaks her fast, other women are slowly breaking their fast as well, Payal is looking through the taali at Akash and Anjali is taking pictures of everything. Everyone finishes the breaking fast rituals, Anjali looks slightly upset and Nani consoles her, Anjali says she may be upset but is happy for everyone and she is fine. There is a hand coming out of the table and taking food, Anjali sees this in the camera and goes to the table. She sees that its NK and takes a photo, NK seems to have been cought with the taali and runs away, he then sees Sheetal through the taali, Mami comes in saying Karva Chauth in reverse and looks at Sheetal. Khushi then breaks her fast and questions Arnav about the challenge, Sheetal is looking on as Arnav is breaking KHushi’s fast with a Jalebi. Khushi sees Sheetal looking but Sheetal turns her back.
Khushi is at the poolside and is tidying up and wonders where the taal is. Sheetal is seeing all this from inside. Nani enquires about Arav but he is sleeping. As Arnav goes to sit down he sees Khushi outside and goes to get her to come in to eat. Sheetal states she will go and help Khushi, she comes th to Khushi for help but Khushi declines and states she cant find her taal. Sheetal wants to help and Arnav states for them to go as he will not eat without her. As Khushi is walking she is wondering about Sheetal. Sheetal gets her shawl out and looks at the moon through it, she calls Arnav’s name and looks at him through the shawl and makes excuses about a phone call. Khushi tells Arnav to go ahead and that she will be along in a while. She notices Sheetal going under the table and drinking water from her Taali and is shocked about what she is seeinga dn that Sheetal used her taal. This means Sheetal kept a fast for Arnav

Khushi asks where Arnav is taking her, he tells her he wants to give her something. Khushi talks to herself that she needs to speak to Sheetal. NK states that after fasting food tastes even better. Nani complements about his fasting and that he will get a good wife. Arnav tells Khushi to get ready as they are going out for dinner. Khushi says she is tired but Arnav wants to do something special for Khushi but she tells him to leave it and they will do it any other day. Arnav calls Aman to cancel the reservation. Khushi notices a envelope with her name and it seems like some legal documentation. Arnav tells her that her Dabba service is a legitimate company now. Khushi holds her ears and apologises and wonders how to fix it. She tries to think of ways to make it up but nothing matches, this makes Arnav laugh and he hugs her. Khushi asks what made him think of this, he wants her to be independent as one day he may not be there, Khushi gets upset with him talking like this. As they are about to leave Arav comes in asking for a favour.

Arav and Arnav are playing chess and everyone is watching. Payal states how Arav and Arnav look like each other. Nani states that she never realised how nicely he gets on with Arav. Khushi asks about Sheetal to Payal, Payal asks if Khushi ate well. NK asks for a glass of water. She then gets a letter from the servant and it’s the DNA report, she recalls her conversation with Arnav and wonders if this is Devi Maiyaa’s wish, she opens the letter and is apprehensive, she reads the letter and is shocked and teary about the results, she looks at both Arav and Arnav and back at the letter. Arav stating he will make Arnav lose, but Arnav states he wont lose. Arav does check mate and Aranv loses and they both clap hands.

PRECAP – Sheetal denies keeping Vrat and Khushi shouts that Sheetal did keep a vrat and that to for Arnav and shows her the document and states that Arav and Arnav are father and son

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