Qubool Hai 5th November 2012 Written Episode

Recap is told by BG Voice that Asad’s father wana meet them.
Asad is unhappy listening this but he agrees to meet his father & tells his mother that his sister & he will Welcome the "Guests" as you taught us to give Respect & warm welcome to Guests. He goes from there but his mother turns and starts crying ,which is noticed by him and seems that he’s bearing the Pain.

Scene shifts to Zoya enjoying with Apa-Api returning from Shopping! They are in Restaurent where Zoya orates a "Sher"/phrase on her Api wants her to comeback to Newyork and Laughs loudly while Api stops her & says you are a Girl,who should have "Lehja,sharm and haya" so Zoya enacts like a girl shyly smiling & watching her 3 boys starts singing "Yun toh Premi Pachatar hamare,leja tu kar shatatar ishare" & Zoya completes it "Dil mera…muft ka! Dil mera Muft ka!"LOL Leaving Api-Apa shocked,goes to those boys & introduce herself while they 3 also does same but they runs away scaring from herLOL.

Zoya bids adeau from there to Roam the whole city and we see her enjoying & doing fun alone roaming.
Scene shifts to Shirin making Halwa mouring "haye Allah,hum to thakk gayeLOL" then we see cute Nok-jhonk b/w her and Bhabhi who tastes Halwa saying "Ab main bolungi toh bologe ke Bolti HaiROFL".Shirin innocently reveals that she gave last permission to Rashid to meet "that Family" hence I’m making Halwa for Asad’s health to send to himEmbarrassed(aww! So what she is step mom of Asad! But she cares alot,a innocent ladyEmbarrassed) ,listening this Bhabhi gets Coughing & says I will have to do something evil.

Scene shifts to Zoya roaming on Market Streets where Asad(our HeroEmbarrassed) is passing by driving fast his car,leading to struck with Zoya & she slips on Road while A kart full of Marigold Flowers turns over her covering her fully. Asad hurrily comes out from Car to see situation.There starts a Flashback of Asad-Zoya’s last fight,both shocked,Zoya angrily asks him why is he following her? He says SORRY & he’s in hurry to go home! And she coughs while Asad offers water but she denies! She tries to do Pepper spray over him but unfortunately pepper goes inside her eyes where she takes water from Asad to clean it while fuming! He says her "increbly Fool" & both Aparts their distance!!

Asad reaches home & tries to manofy his sister Nazma while both watches Dilshaad crying, waiting for Rashid.

Scene shifts to Rashid just coming to meet Asad but some guests suddenly came to see NikkhatEmbarrassed. We see its the plan made by BhabhiAngry.Censored to stop Rashid.
He wants to go but in vain. Ayaan isn’t happy to watch this & thinks that I should inform Asad bhaijaan that Dad will not be able to come now but he stops thinking Asad will come to know that Ayaan wants to unite them!"

Guests comments over Nikkhat’s skin Colour ,compares with their boy Imraan,and other Girls but Shirin tries to Handle the situation. Ayaan is angry watching Nikkhat’s comparison.Rashid is impatient to meet Asad but in vain.
They fixes the Relation.

Scene shifts to Asad ,Nazma & Dilshaad ,who are waiting impatiently for Rashid & Finally, Asad declares that Rashid don’t care of Promises like he broke your promise again. Episode Ends with Tensed face of Dilshaad & Asad.


Asad saying to Ammi, see i told you ,He will not come here!! From today All our Relations are Ended from them. Ayaan is hearing their Conversation.

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