Punar Vivah 5th November 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Arti reprimnads prashant for taking ansh away.and is about to slap him when shobha stops her.She looks at him and then at shobha nd finally lowers her hand.Ansh asks her why is ashe angry at his uncle when he’s so good and helped her in the hospital,plays football with him and was stopping me only because he cared for me that he should not have icecream since he has cough.Ansh then winks at prashant for having kept his back.Prashant too smiles at him.He holds his hand and ansh kisses him on the cheek.he also tells her that prashant is staying in their house as a paying guest.Arti is disgusted to see this.She asks shobha whats happening.She tells her not to talk here,but do it at home.They get in arti’s car and drive off,leaving prashant behind worried.

Scene 2:
Location: In the police station
Seeing pari nervous in jail in the company of another criminal,prateik is panicking and asking the inspector to shift her.But the inspector ask him to let the law take its course and be patient.Just then pankaj and yash arrive with paridhi’s bail and demand her to be released.yash calms him down saying that he told everything would be fine if pankaj would help them since he’s a lawyer.The inspector warns them that the case has become more complicated since the spotboy who saw the dead body first had an accident just two days back.This surprised them.he goes on to tell them that therefore they think whoever killed karan was not in self defence but a calculated murder and therefore is trying to remove all evidence.Yash says that this information would be very helpful to pankaj in trying to prove pari innocent and thanks him for the same.

Prateik asks pari for forgiveness for having made her suffer through this.Yash tells him to stop talkign like that as a husband and wife should always be concerned on keeping the faith on each other alive as that is the basis of teh foundation of trust and faith that determines the intensity of a love realtionship.Yash also ask the inspector not to let the media catch a whiff of this case as that would mean insult for both the families involved.Inspectoot says that he would keep that in mind and that they dont have to bother about that.They greet each other and scindias take pari out of the police station.

Scene 3:
Location: Arti’s house
An angry arti closes the door and demands to know whats happening here.He accuses prashant for following her to lalitpur,then putting up the pretense of having helped her and now taking away prashant had she not reached in time.He tries to plead his innocence,but arti stops him from calling her as he has lost the right.She asks shobha that you had told me they live in the same city without telling that he lived here only,and interacted with ansh when she didnt even want his shadow on him.He is told to stay out of their house and an angry arti starts packing up his stuff and tries to throw him out of the house when he is stopped by dubeyji and told tht she doesnt have the right to throw him out of the house as he is after all their son.She ask for forgiveness and says that she made a mistake of having forgotten that she’s not the daughter and just the daughter in law and she doesnt have any right over anything in the house.She says that she would take the kids.Shobha condemns him for saying stuff like that and ask him to mend it.He stops arti from going and tries to salvage the situation that when she calls her father,doesnt she give him the right to scold her whenever he wants.he goes on to tell her that after yash’s marriage with her they are very lonely and hence when prashant came back,he was swept with emotions and hence had the hope that he would be their support in such times and that is not a crime.Prashant makes up a pretense of being the bad guy citing that eh woudl take care of them only if they name the house to him.Arti,falling bait for it,tells dubeyji and shobha that she knew he’s back with a mission and that shobha talking bout him changing and regretting his mistakes was all nonsense and he can never change.This time she manages to throw him out of the house much to shobha and dubeyji’s distress.Seeing his mission accomplished,prashant painfully pickes up the bag an leaves.Seeing shobha worrying about prashnat,arti tells her not to and hugs her.But they both are worried.

She also tells him that if they ever need support or they feel lonely,they have a daughter they can come to,or better still they should start living with her.when shobha tries to refuse and still she is adamant dubeyji tells her tht shobha is right.Dubeyji confirms that they would never let prashant is their house or their lives and till the case is solved they should let the kids be here only.Arti agrees.

She gets a call from yash informing her that pari is back and that she should return,and that he is very happy with the way she talked sense into pari and she came home.He thanks her for being there with him and supporting the family like that.And also romantically mentions that he is now incomplete without her.Saying so he cancels the phone.arti too smiles at her end.

Scene 4:
Location: Yash’s house
Pari is being conuselled by the family not to be afraid as her family supports her now.Arti too comes in saying that she should forget the past and move on with her life with cheerfulness.and then yash and arti share a romantic eyelock.The screen freezes on yash’s somewhat troubled face.

Precap: Dubejyi is begging shobha to let him say this one lie to arti and take ansh to the hospital for his bone marrow so that prashant can be saved.And tells him not to stop him for this one thing.

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