Punar Vivah 6th November 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Pari is comforted by everybody in the house and explained the importance of telling the entire story to pankaj who will fight her case as a lawyer.Arti,vidhi,pankaj and yash exolain to her that she should not leave anything or any detail out that can help pankaj in the case.Pari remembers that night and the way suraj got angry.she says that she has nothing more to tell.Yash tries to confirm once againbut when prateik is sure that pari has nothing more to add,he takes her inside to rest.Vidhi takes this oppurtunity to thank arti for once again being responsible for averting such a big trouble on their family with her maturity and wisdom,which she marvels where she gets from.Also keeping the family united.Arti says that she draws her strength from yash who is an inspiration to her in every walk of life.They share a romantic eye lock.

In the bedroom,yash is trying to fix the naada on his pajamas whne arti walsk in on him and embarassed he covers himself with a pillow and asks her not to move any further and tries in vain to fix the problem.But he fails everytime.All this while arti who is amused at his dilemma comes towards him for telling him that she could fix it.He runs behind the curtain and tells her not to follow him there.Arti who is in splits of laughter says that she would turn her face away and not look while he gives her the pajamas to fix.After much reluctance,and arti’s warning that he would have to be like this throughout the night,he gives his pajamas with much consciousness and sensisng his embarassment arti leaves with his pajamas to fix them.behind the curtain,yash too smiles at his foolish behaviour.

Scene 2:
Location: Arti’s house
While putting the kids to sleep shobha looks at ansh and wonders the dilemma that god has placed her in.One end has arti who she cannot betray and on the other ened is prashant who she cannot bear to see dying.Troubled in her situation,she hears a knock on the door.When she opens she confronts dubeyji carrying prashant who is terribly coughing.They both put him on the couch,and dubeyji tells shobha that he might come across as selfish,arrogant and betrayaer but he cannot bear to see his only son dying.Dubejyi is begging shobha to let him say this one lie to arti and take ansh to the hospital for his bone marrow so that prashant can be saved.And tells him not to stop him for this one thing. Shobha who is already in afix is very troubled to see prashant suffering and ansh sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
While arti is arranging pillows in the bedroom,yash comes in wearing the pajamas and thanks arti for helping him out with his problem today.She teases him saying that he is superman,but he should leave such small things to her only as a housewife can best manage such things and hence should never be undermined.He takes her seriously and starts to give his take that they are in fact important when arti stops him saying that she was joking and he doesnt need to take everything she says seriously.yash taunts her that she has a problem eitherways.Arti is upset and says that she wont help him with his petty issues like the one today,anymore and giving him the pillow tells him that in future he would need this to roam around the house coz he cant fix the naada problem himself.Yash asks her to calm down and tells her taht he has complete faith in her when it comes to kids especially.The mention of kids ,reminds arti to tell him that she didnt take his permisiion before sending them off with shobha and now he is missing them.He says that he trusts her judgement that she could never be wrong,especially not whwre kids are concerned.And otherwise too he fully trusts her.Arti is moved by hearing him say this,she thinks that she knows and fears that only that she should never have to lose his faith at any expense.yash says that he has a complaint neverthelss,she gets anxious but he surprises her by making an imaginary call to their unborn child talking to him with a phone that he made with his hand,arti is cheerful seeing him talk like this.When he asks the child tto thank mother for being so good and untitngthe family together,she says she’s welcome stunning yash as she was silenetly watching him all the while.She too,by the medium of the phone thanks yash for being her strength and her support mechanism.They share a romantic eyelock.She thanks him for making her a part of his life.He too thanks her for letting him be the superman for the kids but then jokingly tells her not to tell the pajama story of the superman to anyone causing them to laugh incredulously.

Yash complains of a headache and is about to get medicines when arti says that she would rather prefer he gets his head oiled.She starts massaging his head while he lies in her lap.Arti thinks this is the right time to tell him about her past or else it will be too late and gathering up enough courage she tells him that she and her parents had kept a secret from the scindia family,and that is taht she is a divorcee with prashant,her first husband and not a widowee. The screen freezes on yash’s sleepy face with droopy eyes.

Precap: Arti is defending herself with yash still in her lap.that she didnt mean to hurt him and ask for forgiveness and that she can swear that now her life is only concerned with the well being of yash and the scindia family completely.She demands for a response from yash,who doesnt say anything but has his eyes partially open.

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