Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th November 2012 Written Episode

Epic starts with Avantu shouting at Harish regarding why he wants time now for Divorce? She gets upset-crying says he again left her like 20year back! But Harish denies saying his heart isn’t ready hence He wants time. I maybe wrong giving u divorce as u misundestood me! Avantu returns Diwan mansion in upset mood!

PaYa are talking via Moby about If any1 of them got any news of adi’s parents! He hangs call saying I will meet u now!
and Sheila Mami caught Adi talking to Pankhuri but he makes Excuses to go from there but then Avantu came & asks Adi,why he’s at home? Adi again Makes Excuse saying he came to take Files! Adi notices that Avantu is upset! Nana & Adi goes to her Room to ask her where she reveals that Divorce is delayed till 1 month becoz Harish wants time! And she goes from there! Nana-Adi are HappyBig smile while mami is happy thinking that Avantu will leave Diwan Home!
There Pankhuri also got to know from Harish that he listened his heart & taken time! She &Dadi are HappyBig smile while she promises that in 1 month she will unite Adi’s parents anyhow to Dadi.
Mama came fuming that “pehle Behen ki gulami karo aur ab bhanje kiLOL Kitni gandi Kismat hai” mami adds in it “wo toh haiLOL” Then she consoles him saying Rubel will change everything! & discuss about She caught PaYa talking so she calls Kullu but there Ambika cuts call saying she don’t want to talk about Pankhuri.Chachi consoles Ambika.

Adi goes to Meet Pankhuri where she was getting ready but Adi closes door & Pankhuri starts feeling shyEmbarrassed.Adi says “tu bahut pyari lag rahi hai” & goes close to her while her Bangles slips down from Dressing Table in her Impatienty!Embarrassed & she goes to open doors as Dadi will think bad but Adi stops her holding her Hands from back saying “I want to talk to you ,thats b/w PaYa so pls dont open doors” Pankhuri is very shy here asking what? He gives her Romantic look like he’s going to do Romance like he will Kiss her but utters “we should not Reveal Mom’s condition infront of Dad as it will be good,by then both will realise their LoveROFL” Pankhuri is shocked & shattered to listen this but agrees! & asks Adi “bas Yahi Kehna Tha” indirectly asking him that don’t u want to do RomanceLOL, Adi says-yep! Why? what did u think? He smiles & says lets eat he’s Hungry! Pankhuri smiles.
Pankhuri serves palak-paneer to Adi while he asks her to Eat with him in one Plate(a ritual made by Adi comparing Sharing of Sweet’s ritual) Pankhuri is hesisting but Adi by his Hands feeds her foodEmbarrassed while She’s watching him AdorablyEmbarrassed PaYa are enjoying Dinner! Epic Ends here.!!


Avantu asks Adi’s PEN Card to get some documents while a Paper chit Slips down and Avantu saw its Bus ticket of same day when Adi returned from Kullu!!

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