Balika Vadhu 9th November 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Shiv and his family are marvelling at the decorations of the haveli.They come upto anandi’s family and they greet each other and dadisa first of all hands over the gifts to shiv’s family.When dadaji asks for his gift dadisa asks makhan to get it and gifts a wonderful bouquet of flowers to dadaji which embarasses and leaves him speechless for once while others are amused at his stunned face.He shyly accepts it and apologizes for not getting a flower for dadisa like always.

Anandi then goes over and takes everybody’s blessings but is very happy when she finds meenu telling her that she cant wait for the next diwali when anandi as their daughter in law would be doing the laxmi puja and also gifts her a piece of jewellery as her blessing.Dadaji too then gifts everybody and plays a prank on nandu when he disappoints him saying that he forgot to get a gift for him and goes on to reveal a packet full of crackers for him.Shiv sees makhan kaka passing by and calls him and gifts him a watch and greets him on the festival like a family member.Everybody is moved by his gesture.While others get chatting,anandi surreptitiously greets him and he too responds but mischievously says that they have already wished each other last night.Nanadu then offers to light the firecrackers outside with shiv and he asks anandi to also come along.She shyly agrees and they move out while the other members watch from the porch.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Outside all the kids along with shiv are lighting firecrackers.Shiv sees anandi talking to mahi and an idea crosses his mind.He offers mahi to light firecrackers so that he would get a chance to talk to her and spend some time with her.Mahi gets the hint and goes to help the kids with the firecrackers while shiv chats with anandi.He then gets an idea and intentionally lights a bomb which when explodes scares anandi and she grabs on to his hand.they share a romantic gaze.Dadisa lookign at them is reminded of the time when jagdish celebrated diwali with anandi.Feeling shy,she tries pulling her hand away but he keeps it there and comments that each day before marriage feels like a hundred years and he doesnt know how to cope with it.Mahi clicks a photo of them and she gets conscious.Shiv tells him to stop fooling around.Mahi says he ws working in his favor and he is scolding him only which makes anandi smirk.Shiv too gets the joke and shyly smiles at her.

Shiv suddenly notices a bomb about to go off right near nandu and others too notice and are scraed but shiv rushes towards him and throws off the bomb away to explode and catches him in his arms. Anandi rushes to see him and everbody else heaves a sigh of relief.Nandu extends a hand of friendship to shiv moved by his concern and he readily accepts.Dadisa thinks that shiv has so easily made them forget the empty space left behind by jagiya’s departure.

Scene 3:
Location:Jaitsar haveli
Sugna doing the tilak of nandu who has his eyes fixed on the gift.She is distracted for a moment by visualizing jagiya instead of nandu but then bhairo gives her the emotional support to go ahead and she continues with nandu.Sensing his eagerness for the gift she tells him to eat sweet otherwise she wont let him have the gift.He complies and she gives him the gift which is an electric motor car.He goes on to play only to be reminded by dadisa to take her blessings.Sugna blesses him to have a long life of prosperity.then anandi does shyam’s tilak who gifts her a pair of earrings.dadisa then tells sugna to do the tilak for anandi.She refuses only to be asked the reason for not doing it this year when she has been doing it always.She goes on to explain that that was because she was her sister in law,but now she is the daughter of the house and hence her sister therefore she doesnt need to.Everybody smiles hearing this sentiment of hers’.Anandi looks back and gives her a broad smile.The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying Message: Sometimes dur to breaking of familial bonds,some relations develop which are deeper than even blood relations.Such realtaions are bases on the soul’s interactive resonance with each other.

Precap: Sanchi reaches jaitsar and sees anandi washing a dirty kid and comments on how dirty the girl is and she doesnt care at all about hygiene and wondring what kind of a place she has landed herself into.At Shiv’s house,Shiv is tied rakhi by sanchi,he tells her that she’s the most special girl in his life.Sanchi says had that been the case,he wouldnt have gone to find his life partner himself without asking his special person.She then goes on to tell him,that she doesnt know what he saw in that illiterate girl from a backward villagey background.Shiv is hurt.Alok gets angry at her and everybody gets tensed.

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