Pavitra Rishta 13th November 2012 Written Episode

Arjun’s meeting ends and Punni comes there. She says to him, your presentation was very good and I can learn a lot if you keep giving me opportunities like this. Arjun says, that’s if you don’t leave meeting in middle. He leaves.

Arjun then checks his phone and sees Purvi’s miss calls. He calls her and Purvi tells him how TV media is doing Soham’s interview and he is saying anything about Archu-Manav. She says, I am afraid that Manav baba will go against Soham in court. Arjun says, so? that’s what he is supposed to do. Purvi then says, now only you left and you can say Soham dada shot you in his self defense. This is the only way to save him. Arjun doesn’t agree and says, he’s a bloody criminal and he deserves punishment. He then hangs up as he has some work to do. Purvi still wants to save Soham and she now decides to go to Manav’s house and talk with them.

Purvi comes to Manav’s house. Dk is also there. She tells everyone that they should save Soham.. in end he is part of this family. He is not a bad guy.. it’s just other people made him like this. She says, Soham dada has Manav and Archu’s blood and he can’t be a bad person. She even says that she will say that Soham didn’t kidnapped her, but Archu tells her, you won’t say anything like this. Purvi asks Archu, you wanted to bring him in this house and even you’re saying this now? Archu says, yes I told you but maybe I was wrong.. I shouldn’t have thought like that because there is only one option.. he must go to jail. He won’t change until he doesn’t get punishment. He got many chances already but he didn’t change. Savita agrees with Archu and she says, he will realize his mistake once he goes into the jail and he will return as a good person. Teju tells Purvi, we all are going to be witnesses against him .. now you have to decide what you want to do.

Dk gets a call from someone. He tells everyone that our company’s legal team has decided to file a case against Soham. Manav says, it’s good.. let him get arrested. Police come to Balan’s house and arrests him. Varsha starts crying. Balan tells her not to worry.. nothing will happen.

It’s next day now. Media says, Manav has filed case against his own son and the hearing is about to begin.

Inside court. Police bring Soham. Varsha tells him dont worry.. your mother is here.. I won’t let anything happen to you.

The hearing begins. Manav’s lawyer says, Soham has done lots of crimes and it all began when he kidnapped Purvi and asked for money. He then got arrested but got bail. He still didn’t stop doing crimes.. he then put a pistol on Archana’s head. And his father, balan, went to Manav’s office and threaten to kill him. And it didn’t stop there.. his father, Balan, tried to kill Archana by doing break failure. Manav’s lawyer says, I will prove all these. And he first calls Purvi in the witness box.

Soham is still not afraid. When Purvi comes in the witness box.. he laughs at her. Purvi recalls how Soham saved her from the goons. Lawyer asks purvi, is it correct that you got kidnapped some time ago? Purvi says, yes. Lawyer now asks, do you remember their faces? Is he (Soham) one of those people? After a long pause, Purvi says, yes. Lawyer now asks, did they ask for money to free you? Soham laughs at Purvi and shows her 3 fingers (meaning 3 crores). Purvi again after a long pause says yes. She says, they asked for money.. but they didn’t hurt me at all or did anything when i was kidnapped. I had no problem there.

On a side, manav tells Archu, is she gone crazy? if she gives statements like this then Soham will be freed.

Lawyer asks Purvi, did they threaten you when you were kidnapped or after that? Purvi says, no. Lawyer asks her to think one more time.. Sachin is getting worried as Purvi is taking too long to answer. He says, Purvi is an important part of this case.. if she keeps behaving like this then everything will mess up for us. Teju says, she is getting too emotional.. she has to speak.. and Soham must go into the jail. Purvi is not saying anything. Judge asks her now if they threaten her. purvi says, I thought like that but that time I didn’t know that he’s my brother. Manav’s lawyer asks Purvi to answer only what is she asked for.

Lawyer now calls Arjun in the witness box. He asks Arjun if he went to save Purvi from the kidnappers and when he went.. did they fire a bullet at him? Arjun says, yes and it was him (Soham) who fired it. Arjun says, we had couple of more encounters as well and I had warned him not to follow Purvi. But he still kept following her.

Teju in the witness box. She takes out her anger and says, he must be sent to the jail.

Judge asks Soham if he wants to say anything. Soham says, first of all.. my name is not Soham Deshmukh. I am Vishnu Lala. ANd those are not my parents (Archu – Manav). Judge asks him again, do you want to say anything in your defense? Soham says, no.. I don’t want to say anything.

Judge postpones the hearing for 2 hours and says, the court will make decision on this case after 2 hours.

Precap: Balan again threatens Manav saying if he says anything against Vishnu then he won’t leave Archu and put all 6 bullets in Archu’s head. Manav gets furious.

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