Ruk Jaana Nahin 15th November 2012 Written Episode


Janardhan calls indu and sanchi in his office and threatens sanchi to not act as the college administration and indu to stop his non-violent acts.Janardhan then says that they were charged for stoling money of fund and the 2 days ultimatum is finished and indu and sanchi are restigated from college and they will get their restigation letters by the end of the dayg.sanchi asks janardhan that he well knows that money is not stolen by them so asks janarthan why he is doing this deed to which janardhan says that administration does not run on emotional grounds and asks insa to leave.


Janardhan at his house calls up ranjeet to inform that insa will again not create any problem ,just then indu arrives with guddu and threatens janardhan.while indu relaxes on sofa with ease guddu puts revolver on janardhan.sanchi walking at night on road thinks about janardhan’s words with inspector. Indu asks janardhan to reveal the truth and guddu is about to shoot,just then sanchi enters and asks guddu to stop.indu holds sanchi’s hand not letting her save janardhan.sanchi pleads indu to leave her and at indu simply asks janardhan about were is the fund money. At gunpoint janardhan helplessly gives the money and then indu himself takes the gun pointing janardhan for trapping then and sanchi tries stopping indu. Sanchi asks janardhan to name the person behind the act otherwise she will take money to police and janardhan will be arrested.again indu pointed at which janardhan finally speaks that campus is surrounded by bad elements and being sanchi a good girl, he asks sanchi to stay away. Insa finally says that janardhan may run away from all this but they will not and will fight.


Insa reaches home and indu asks sanchi about her eyes down as she lost the challenge. Sanchi responds i didn’t.indu says that because of his voilent act janardhan gave money and sanchi spelled that because of her he is saved on the note of killing a person.sanchi goes in followed bx indu and veena is hurt seeing their fights.


Ranjeet threatens janardhan for not quieting insa and says that indu is a mouse and boys like indu remains in his pockets and if insa will interfere then he will shoot them.


The same tortured students r again tortured by the same 2 goons and r forced to leave the hostel.


next morning when sanchi is informed then she goes to check the locked room and calls up the wardon. The 2 goons were there inside the locked room enjoying there drink and they get fear hearing sanchi’s voice and in tension 1 goon drops a table.sanchi heard the voice and janardhan comes with wardon.janardhan asks to stay away and sanchi says that she heard some voice and wants to check the room.the 2 goons started clearing the drugs in the janardhan didn’t allowed,sanchi thought to use some new method to find out the truth and goes from there.


At campus ranjeet stops sanchi and firstly wishes the president for doing gr8 for the campus in a small age. Then he again praises sanchi that she does not take any kind of he starts to say that sanchi is from a middle class family and your father tarachand mathur is a railway retired and also crippled by one leg.sanchi feels bad.he says that her mother veena mathur is a simple housewife and family depends on the pension money for livelihood but its so difficult to live life with such a small pension money.he says that sanchi reaches home late and anything can happen with her on road and asks her to think about all the possibilities..sanchi thinks of his words.he then asks sanchi to stay away from everything and saying so keeps his hand on her shoulders in return getting a tight slap from sanchi. Ranjeet feels bad infront of the students and says sanchi to pay and raises his hand to slap her but his hand is catched by indu.



Indu politely asks sanchi that as her life is in danger,she should not move out of house and also she will not go to campus next mrng.indu gets call from guddu and indu says that he will now solve the matter and will take charge and also will make the kundli of that goons.sanchi is shocked.

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