Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th November 2012 Written Episode

Urmi feels very happy that rashi got the lakshmi pendent free. Rashi thinks they got the chain free as they are 100th customers. Koki shows a saree to hetal and tells that she gonna gift rashi as she dint like that mela saree. Koki also tells bha and hetal that they got the gold free as they are the 100th customer. Ahem also appreciates gopi for the gold chain. The gold shopkeepers give complaint against gopi and rashi. Ahem finds the gun and asks why she has bought it.

The sketch person finishes gopi and rashi’s sketches. The police officer asks the constable to stick these pictures in the city so that all can get alert. Savitha goes to market to purchase flowers. Their she finds rashi & gopi’s sketches and takes them. A constable tells savitha that these 2 ladies have stolen the gold ornaments.

Rashi in her room and koki comes their. Koki asks rashi that she is gifting a saree as she is not happy wearing that mela saree. Rashi feels happy and hugs koki. Police will be enquiring about gopi and rashi in the market. Rashi calls urmi and tells koki has gifted a saree for her. Urmi says its because of the lakshmi pendent she is wearing. Rashi and urmi feels happy.

Urmi reaches her home and shocks looking at the decoration in the house. Dhawal and phalguni come out smiling from dhawal’s room. Urmi looks at phalguni suspecting look. Dhawal introduces phalguni to urmi and tells that phalguni works in the NGO and she is their neighbor now. Phalguni tells that she has come here to help dhawal in decorating the house. Urmi feels happy. Kinjal comes home. Kinjal looks suspiciously at phalguni. Dhawal introduces phalguni to kinjal. Dhawal tells kinjal that phalguni has decorated the home. Urmi starts praising phalguni and kinjal gets angry.

Koki asks meeti to get ready for pooja. Meeti leaves and savitha comes in. Savitha says that koki’s DIL’s have become so famous that their posters are printed in the whole city. Savitha shows the sketches of rashi & gopi. Koki shocks looking at the sketches. Koki yells at savitha, on a festival how can you do this. You are talking about my DIL’s. You lost the game in cards so now you have come here to insult them. Savitha tries to explain koki that she is innocent but koki yells to leave from there.

A constable pastes the pictures of rashi & gopi. Urmi while coming home finds few people gathered and talking about some robbers. Urmi overhears that the 2 ladies have stolen a gold chain and lakshmi pendent from his shop. Urmi goes inside and finds gopi & rashi’s sketches and shocks.

Posted by Soujanya Chiluka

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