Punar Vivah 20th November 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital and cafe inn
Ansh comes back to arti,hugs her and asks her why did she get him to the hospital again now that his vaccination has been done and tells that he’s sacred.Arti tells him that the friend uncle who helped her during the hospital stay is not well today and asks if ansh would help him.He immediately agrees saying that he likes him and uncle too loves him.Also his father told him to help people in the car today.He hugs her and she too kisses him and sends him off with the nurse.Sensing arti’s tension,shobha remembers to call dubyji.

While dubeyji is about to begin telling yash the truth about prashant,he gets a call from shobha.He asks if everything’s alrite and she tells him the entire story about ansh having reached for the transplant,and that arti was not selfish after all and she came to save their son. While he listens with amazement and relief,yash looks at him with a scrutinizing gaze.Shobha tells him not to tell yash anything and spoil arti’s marriage.Dubeyji agrees and cancels the phone.He then makes an excuse of an urgent work and takes yash’s leave,leaving him wondering what was it that dubyji wanted to talk about,but couldnt out of hesitation.He decides that he would have to talk to arti rgarding this.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
The dubeys along with arti are waiting outside the OT while the operation is in progress.Shobha takes this opprtunity to tell arti that he thanks the lord for giving her a daughter like arti who is responsible for saving their son’s life today.And also asks for forgiveness for spewing out her anger at her that day.Arti tells her that she dint understand how she got so angry at her daughter but understands that as a mother she is allowed to.The doctorr comes out and tells dubeyji that the first session of the transplant has been done successfully and that they would have to get the donor twice again for 2 more sessions.They are granted permission to meet prashant.Both the ladies too are relieved hearing this.

They enter inside the ward and see prashant on the bed.while the dubeys happily sit near prashant,arti watches them from a distance.Prashant thanks arti.She assures him that he would be alrite soon.The nurse gets in ansh.She is immediately concerned for him,hugs him and asks if he’s in pain or feeling weakness anywhere.Ansh says he’s a strong boy and is absolutely alrite.He goes to prashant and asks him to be well soon so that they can play football togther.He cups ansh’s face and pats him lovingly saying that he would.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s house
While gayatri is busy preparing for diwali,she comments that she would make this diwali special for arti since its her first in their house.Buaji tells her that she’s forgetting its the first for pari too.Gayatri defends herself saying it was a slip of tongue.Buaji again comments on arti beign gone a long time and assumes that she must be out shopping to her heart’s content.Gayatri ignores her.Just then Arti comes in with Ansh,carrying loads of shopping bags.This gives buaji to comment all the more that she ws right in assuming about arti.But ansh cuts her off,saying that arti didnt get anything for herself.Rather she got gifts for everybody in the family on the occassion of diwali.gayatri is happy hearing this.He gives the first gift to buaji who is speechless and silently accepts it.Prateik comes in and tells ansh that he has got loads of firecrackers for him.ansh happily accepts.gayatri tells arti to rest as she has had a long day and also tells that yash too has come.

Meanwhile in his room,yash is thinking that whatevr maybe the reason,he would have to tell arti about the lie and apologize for it.Arti enters.seeing yash,she too thinks she’s sorry that she had to hide such a big truth from yash again,but she didnt have a choice.She asks the lord to give hr the strength to face yash and tells him everything and apologize for the same.She comes upto her.

Meanwhile, yash ignorant of her presence in the room,turns around to find her standing next to him.They both begin to talk at the same time.They then insist each other to talk first.However,finally she asks him to go first.he says that he hid one thing from him.Actually even after her asking,he lied to her about it.And then he goes on to tell her the entire story.Arti is surprised to hear this.he says that he thinks that arti should talk to them once.She agrees.Yash again profusely apologizes for having lied to her,saying that she knows he hate lies and promises that this would be his first and last lie.and henceforth,he wouldnt lie to her come what may and asks for her forgiveness.She asks him to stop as he didnt lie with a wrond intention,he lied because he was helpless and in such a situation what else could a person do.She also adds that she has the fullest faith in her.He then goes on to ask her what did she want to tell him.She prepares herself to talk to him,but her conscience tells her to stop as telling him now might put prashant’s survival in jeopardy as she doesnt know how yash would react after hearing the truth.She diverts the topic towards the possible reasons for duebyji calling yash.He leaves her to think for herself.she is reminded of the high cost of the medicines that she paid for prashant.She thinks that maybe the dubeys really need financial help,as if the medicines are that costly,the treatment would definitely cost a lot more.She decides to talk to them about it.

Scene 4:
Location: Yash’s house
Arti wakes up the next morning to find yash decorating their room for diwali.Yash,who is ignorant of arti being awake, gets a call from prateik and he tells him that he got the maaterial to decorate his room and thanks him for helping him plan out this surprise for arti,thinking how happy she would be when she wakes up to see this.Seeing all this,arti thinks to herself,that yash goes through so much trouble to bring a smile to her face,she too would have to forget all her worries and pretend to be happy for his sake.

Precap: Yash opens the door to reveal,HAPPY DIWALI,written in lit diyas.arti is thrilled to watch this.yash wishes her a happy diwali.She too wishes him and thanks him for the beautiful surprise.

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