Ruk Jaana Nahin 21st November 2012 Written Episode

His friends help the ‘broken’ man stand up on his feet. Without much ado, Indu stands up and starts walking out. Watching his dispirited state, his concerned friends run up to him and try comforting him by recurrently stating that Sanchi would recover from the trauma. However, Indu doesn’t seem to ‘hear’ their words ‘Nothing can happen to my Sanchi’ he keeps mumbling under his breath as he drags himself out of the ICU corridors.

The Tiwaris enter their room. Radha appears quite perplexed. Sada hesitantly approaches his wife and convinces her that Indu’s temper only needed some time to cool off. He planned to apologize to Indu in the near future in order to ensure that the two of them would not be thrown out of the house!
‘I don’t mind even falling at his feet if needed’ Sada quips
However, Radha is disgusted. She taunts him for his miserable attitude and then confesses her feelings aloud ‘We tried coveting this house…if we’d invested the same amount of effort into our own work and household, we’d have ten houses by now…what’s the point of hankering behind all this wealth… who’s there for us…why can’t we be content with what we have?’she wails ‘I have no peace…even if Indu or Veena forgive us, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself…We want to destroy our nephew, but we don’t realize that we’re also being dragged down in the process…I’m being punished for my sins…that’s why I’m not able to become a mother yet…’
Moved by his wife’s tears, Sada makes a genuine attempt to pacify her – stating that she was his world! However, she is not convinced by his devotion to her. When he once again tries to assure her of his love, she starts prodding him to make earnest efforts in restoring their life. She suggests that they should move out that very day. While Sada is in for a shock, Radha seems quite certain of what she wants.

Weighed down by his worries, Indu stumbles into the temple. Walking up to the deity of Lord Shiv, he closes his eyes and lets a few tears drop down. He accepts his faults in front of the Lord – that his hooliganism was the only reason his most prized possession was at the brink of leaving him that day.
He recalls aloud how he’d gone to all extents to ‘claim’ his love from her. However, she’d never demanded anything else from him apart from the fact that he change his ways. Despite him not follow her bidding, she was ready to sacrifice her life for him. Even though he considered himself fearless, he could do nothing to save her. There she was battling for life due to him.
‘She’s always wished well for others…’ he yells at the idol ‘Why don’t you take my life instead of her’s…I never brought happiness to anyone… be it to Sanchi to her family… my life is worthless without her…I beg you take my life instead…’

The heartbroken young man then goes on to vow that he’d not move a step from the temple unless Sanchi recovered from her critical condition

‘I love her more than my life…I’ll never be able to live without her…I promise you that I’ll give up all wrong ways and means…but, don’t punish her for my ignorant mistakes…’

He announces that he never was a religious person by nature, but he’d dragged himself to the temple for Sanchi’s sake- a girl who was a staunch devotee. He then begs and pleads the Lord to save her. Vowing that he’d never let the Lord rest in peace till Sanchi recovered from the fatal condition she was in, Indu starts ringing the temple bell relentlessly.

Simulatneously and as fate would have it, Sanchi’s pulse that had nearly dropped to a flat line responds to the resuscitation methods of the doctor and bounces back. The doctor heaves a sigh of relief that the pulse had returned to normal, but is still anxious that the patient continued to be unconcious.
Delving on the possibility of Sanchi entering a coma if she continued to remain unconcious, the doctor breaks the mixed-news to the anguished family.

The scenes become quite dramatic following this. While Veena and Tarachand remain forlorn, the students start praying for Sanchi’s health. In the temple, Indu continues ringing the bell continually. Guddu and Rajjo arrive at the scene and become extremely concerned for their bhaiyyaji. However, they also realize that unless Sanchi showed signs of recovery, they could do nothing to alleviate Indu’s torment.

The amassed students start discussing that Sanchi’s deplorable condition was a result of the ongoing corruption and politics at university. Making a vow not to let Sanchi’s sacrifice and hard work go to waste, they decide to accumulate as much support as they can and to begin fighting for her cause.

A short while later we see groups of students carrying hoardings (of Sanchi’s photo) and placards – shouting slogans against the corruption in the university. They hold a candle vigil in the name of Sanchi Indu Singh – hoping and praying for her recovery.

The security though not against the rally, inform Janardhan about the latest developments. Janardhan instructs the security to keep a close watch on the developments – taking special steps to ensure that no external forces entered the university to harm his studentsl.

Once he ends the call, Janardhan recollects the sordid role he’d played that had resulted in the Sanchi’s pitiful fate. He admonishes himself for his poor stance in the issue. He finds himself profoundly ashamed of how his students were taking all measures that he should have. Why, Sanchi had even risked her life for the university.
‘I hate myself’ he tells himself ‘I wouldn’t embarass myself anymore…I have to do something..’
Saying so, he calls someone

A short while later, the media arrive at the campus scenes and assess the situation – observing how much the students adored their union president.
Admiring their efforts, the journalists start reporting on
the news in detail – Ranjith’s crimes, Sanchi’s efforts – all of it.

By this time, Indu is loosing his footing as he rings the bell non-stop. His lack of energy seems to be overpowering his will.

Indu’s body ultimately gives way to his mind and he starts faltering. He tries clinging to the bell stubbornly, but he’s unable to stand any longer and eventually falls down unconcious. His friends rush to tend to him

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