Pavitra Rishta 21st November 2012 Written Episode

Epi begins with at outside savita & teju is walking. Savita is purchasing vegetables. Teju goes moves ahead. Snehalata sees teju & start calling her. Teju see snehalata & looked shocked. Snehalata sees savita. Teju says i hv some work i m going. Snehalata is buying watermelon. Suddenly savita comes there & she also want to that watermelon. Both savita & snehalata start fighting for watermelon. Teju is hiding behind one shop & looking this drama. In savita & snehalata fighting watermelon breaks. Then snehalata leaves. Teju comes & saying savita cool down. Savita asking teju where is she? Teju says i went near a shop.

At k’house manju is calculating monthly budget to run house. Punni also present there. Manju is angry at that nw how she will run this house. She says to purvi that she had come here just bcoz of purvi. But purvi had shifted in d’house. Sulo is listening all this frm outside. She says to herself that for purvi’s safety i will bear u.

In d’house savita & teju enter. Savita is start yelling snehalata. Archu asks wht happen. Then balan’s frnd come as a tv repairer & asking savita to come. Archu tells savita our tv was nt working frm yesterday. Balan’s frnd open tv. Archu is looking at him. Purvi comes out frm her room & asking archu for her help in cutting vegetables. Archu says no & she tells her u call sulo she is worrying for her. Purvi says ok aai. Balan’s frnd asking purvi for water. Purvi bring water for him. He drink water. Then he is looking tense to see purvi bcoz she is sitting near by him. He tells purvi shall u make one cup of tea for him. Purvi says ok. Archana is looking at him. Balan’s frnd ask archu for scissor. Archu goes inside for scissor. Then he is fixing bomb inside a tv. Teju asks archana wht happen? Then archana comes out & balan’s frnd tells that his work has done. He leaves.

In Mid night sachin is doing some work. Purvi suddenly wake ups. Purvi notice that some red colour light is reflecting frm TV. She tells to sachin about TV. Sachin sees & tells purvi to bring touch. Then sachin sees something is wrng. All family member comes out frm their room. Sachin tells inside TV one time bomb is there. All are looks shocked. Manav give order to everyone that u start empty this chawl. U tell about chawl ppl.

archan & savita is telling chawl ppl about bomb. All chawl ppl comes out. Manav call sameer(police inspector) & tells him about time bomb. Manav comes out frm his house & telling everyone that u don’t worry I called police & bomb diffuse members. Chawl ppl are asking questions manav that how bomb came in their house. Chawl one lady says it could be done by soham. All are looks worried. Sameer & bomb diffuse member are arrives in D’house chawl. They enter in d’house along with manav. Manav showa tv. Sameer request manav that u plz go out they will do their work. Mamav comes in outside & giving hope to chawl ppl that everything will fine soon. Bomb diffuse members are start opening TV & then they have succeed diffused the bomb. Police are come outside & tells chawl ppl that they have succeed the diffused the bomb. All are seems happy.

At d’house sameer asks mamav do u have suspect on any person? Do u know saw anyone who had fixed bomb. Teju says yes one tv repairer came in moring. Savita remembers that she had talked with him. Sameer says it’s gud now he will send sketch man u tell him about that tv repairer person. Mamav says yes I know who did this all he says balan. I know he would went low level for taking revenge from him. Sameer tells if all this balan did he swear he will send balan in jail for 4-5 years. Sameer tells don’t worry. He is now place two constable outside his house. Epi ends.

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