Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd November 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with everyone in MM waiting for Kinjal.Ahem calls Kinjal and kinjal’s phone is shown on her bed.Ahem says to everyone that she didn’t pick up the phone.Everyone is tensed .Dhawal brings basmati rice .Kinjal is confused with the calculations.Dhawal asks if she’s done and kinjal replies brought the rice now so how can it be done.Urmi says she is tired.Kinjal says its all gopi’s plan and they cant do this at all.Urmila says whatever it is its only kinjal’s so she cant do it anymore.Kinjal says when she gets money she wont give anything to Urmila.Urmila helps her and dhawal looks on.

Rashi tries to call Urmi.Rashi informs everyone that Urmila didnt pick up the phone.All MM plan to go to Urmi’s house.Dhawal greets everyone.Ahem tells no one was picking up the phone so they came.Dhawal says he dont has his phone so.MM members come and see.Kokila asks if she’s still doing it and Kinjal says Urmi dont know calculation well.Urmi yells she wants gift so do it on her own .Kokila tells kinjal its not a way to talk to elders.Urmila is her phai saas and talk to her with respect.Kinjal says she is tired of counting all those. And Kokila tells if she wants it then she has to do it.Kinjal says gopi’s wish can never be fullfilled and Kokila asks so what kinjal asked for can also be not fulfilled.Kokila tells Kinjal you have to work hard on receiving anything and she dont have to forget the money she asked for if ahem and jigar’s work so far.And learn the value of things.And since she fulfill gopi’s wish , they cant fullfill her wish. Kinjal says if its like that she dont want anything.Kokila says so the matter is over now.Kokila tells Ahem the matter.She further tells its easy to ask for anything but not to acheive it.Gopi shows kinjal the jewellary which jigar and ahem brought for her. Kinjal says she dont want anything.She tells after insulting her so much after making her life hell they must be happy now.Kokila tells not to talk to her like that and now try to understand or she will never. Urmila offers breakfast and they say some other time and MM people leave.

Ahem asks Gopi how she got the idea and she says she saw rice and remembered akbar and birbal’s story.Ahem says that’s a really good thing of her and she says its all because of gopi.

Meethi praises Gopi for her head massaging skills and meethi is happy. Baa tells she’s going to garden and meethi to make tea for her .Hetal says do the massaging well.Ahem comes there and tells he is going to office and he came to say bye.

Kokila comes and tells meethi to collect flowers for Pooja.Ahem forgets file and Gopi says she will keep the file and while coming she will collect flowers meethi just go and handle all things in kitchen.

Kokila sees meethi in kitchen and meethi says she’s making tea for baa .Gopi comes there with flowers and Kokila says why she did it and rest.

Rashi is on phone with Urmi and she asks about Kinjal.They talk about Kinjal matter.Kokila calls her to come to kitchen.She hangs the phone.At kitchen kokila scolds rashi for always on phone and tells her to do all work , meethi cant do all work.And tells her to do all her duties.And tells Gopi to go and rest . Gopi goes from there . And rashi is angry , starts shouting always kaam kaam and kaam.

Hetal falls on road.A lady helps her.Lady drops her to car. Hetal asks her name and where she stays. She says the location and says her name is Neelam. Hetal gives her some money and neelam says she cant take it as she only helped her.Hetal asks her husbands work and she says he dont do anything so she is doing it.She asks for any work.

Urmi is cooking and she tells dhawal to bring oil and he tells he will bring tonight and he has some work with falguni . Urmi says this falguni is going over now.He said no to his faii.Urmi goes to Falguni’s place and see her counting the money and is amazed.Falguni calls someone and tells she received the money.

Hetal comes walking , Kokila asks what happened to his leg and Hetal says it will be fine. Kokila tells meethi to bring water for her. Hetal calls Neelam to come inside.

Precap:Kokila tells neelam she may get work soon and neelam begs her she needs money and give her any work , Hetal says they should keep her as a maid

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