Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd November 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Radha hands the bag with 40 lacs to Paddo and tells her to end the story n take Madhu back with her..! RK screams.. CUT IT! Angry

He taunts on Radha saying its a scene from movies… where money is being traded . but difference is.. the money is his..! He greets Paddo and asks her n Radha to distribute the money to pass time but he wont let BIWI go anywhere.. as many personal things are yet to be settled..! TongueWink He tells Paddo.. she has come to meet HER daughter..whose room is upstairs..n asks the duo to come up..!

RK tells Paddo that she must have understood his big UNHAPPY family is against Madhu but he isnt! Embarrassed RK stresses saying.he meant and Paddo says that he will take care of Madhu ..Embarrassed n RK says..trouble her too…she cant stop him .. n Paddo says.. TOO! RK blushes! Embarrassed RK – Madhu exchange eyelock as RK walks out..!

Madhu has her head on Paddos lap and Paddo says.. Radhas stand is correct but dunno how to make her change her stand..! Madhu agrees! Ouch Paddo shares she is happy that RK is with her.! Tongue Madhu asks Paddo about Shammo/family and Paddo says.. its commensurate to the deed that has been done..! Paddo says..he cant believe its the same RK. .one who insulted them. .n another who fought his family for Madhu..! Paddo asks if she should consider this incomplete marriage PURI?? [complete]! Madhu blushes! Embarrassed

Radha wonders if Paddo was true.. n Madhu is innocent…and Dips poisons her mind again.. saying..they are fooling her! Angry Madhu is pacing around n recollects RK defending her..! Embarrassed She picks up RKs pic n wonders aloud if this wedding..this relation is COMPLETE? She keeps thinking of RK .. n BG-Tu hi hai maula..! She spots his phone n decides to give the phone back to RK Wink..! She blushes and wonders why … n then thinks..she is only going to give the phone back..!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Paddo is cooking and calls out for Trish…! Ouch She remembers happy times with Shammo-Paddo-Trish-Madhu..!

Part 2

Paddo walks towards Shammos house with food and recollects the happy past..! Trish calls out to her..asks her to reconsider..! Paddo explains that with time she will understand ..! She gives Trish the food and walks off..! Ouch

Part 3

RKs getting ready for the shot.. n feels something..! He turns.. n suddenly .. sees Madhus reflection in the mirror…! Madhu is there! Embarrassed The blower goes off and Madhus hair flies n RK gets it to stop..! He asks her what she is doing there on the set?

Precap — BG – Main pareshan as Madhu dances with RKs coat n rams into RK and says.. I LOVE U RK .. n hugs him..! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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