Diya Aur Baati Hum 22nd November 2012 Written Episode

Suraj makes sandy sit n says that if she studies sitting on this table she’ll top the examz, it brings tears in her eyes n to herself, she says that hw can sum1 luv sum1 so much, she hvnt given anything to him n he’s dng so much for her. Suraj says that this room’s repo has changed, its not only a halwai’s room but a room in which future IPS has studied.

He brought imaginary tea for sandy to lighten the mood, sandy drinks it n suraj says sugar is more n both share a smile. Suraj says that her dream changed thr lives, it has given an aim to them, only her yes is needed, he move towards calender n mark the 22nd date of mnth n says that she has to decide abt her future.

Bhabho was dng embroidry on cloth, lite was on, it was disturbing bbsa, he ask her to sleep as god also knows that she’s a gud housewife, thr no need to do it at night, she ask him to sleep n says that she want to see such determination in her DILs.

Sandy was sleepless, she saw the table n pen, couldn’t hold herself, goes n sit on it, switch on the table lamp, touch the notebook, thr was sum sort of happiness on her face, suraj saw her but close eyes soon n when she luk at him he seems sleeping.

Morning, suraj wake up n saw pen in sandy’s hand, she wakes up, suraj says that he’s happy today as he knows nw wat she want, she although hvnt said yes (hold the pen from her hand), but he knows her heart. Mina wakes up n saw sum thing on her face, it gave her attack, she covers it n goes to bhabho.

Bhabho was grinding ubtan, chaturi was dng tel malish to chavi, others were dng thr daily wrk, sandy n mina came, bhabho ask chaturi to give amla reetha to chavi when she goes to tk bath n ask DILs to tk ubtan as its a ritual plus it enhance thr beauty. She was actually pointing sandy, she ask her to use properly as suraj is very handsum n charming, she shud make herself worth him.

Thy saw mina with covered face, bhabho ask her but she dnt reply, chavi removes it n it was dark spots allover, chaturi taunts her. Bhabho ask her wat she eaten as sandy says it might b bcoz of garmi, she says she hvnt taken anything like that, vik says she has drunk full bottle of medi, it shocked all but she says it was kesar milk, she might hv taken more kesar n then beg bhabho to solve it as its festive season, bhabho ask to put chandan lep.

Sandy was drying her hair n suraj came, drops of water fell on his face n he was mesmerized, close his eyes, sandy turn n saw him standing like that, she smiles n call him, he saw her n ask to speak his name again, she did, he want more, he hold the towel in her hand n get her closer slowly n says that he likes his name frm her mouth, she felt shy n move towards mirror.

Suraj walk to her slowly n hold from bck with lots of luv n says that she shud get best beauty award, she smiles, sandy says that bhabho was right he’s more fair than her, he says that bhabho says one more thing that he still get proposals, shd shud be aware, sandy smiles n says that she’s jealous. Suraj ask time n sandy turns but the clock was nt working, she moves to change it but he stop her n gift a watch so that she’ll stay on time in future.

Precap: Sandy ask suraj that its not possible to fulfill her dream.

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