Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd November 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

RK asks Madhu why she is on set? Madhu keeps gawking n then stammers..! RK asks.. if all well and Madhu says..she forgot why she came..! Spot boy offers coffee to Madhu she refuses n RK is told shot is ready.. n he goes..! Madhu recollects she had come to return the phone..!LOL

She watches the set and remembers RK saving her from getting electrocuted ..! BG-Tu hi hai maula..! Shot is ready …! RK moves towards the heroine.. as song -Main pareshan starts..! She sees herself.. dancing with RK! Embarrassed She sees herself..full on immersed in the song. .dancing..and touching RK..! The duo close in.. and then stop ..! She is inside the booth n RK n her hand touch thru glass..! RK enters..and closes in n Madhu runs..! RK twirls her.. n holds her..! Intense eyelocks..!Embarrassed Madhu tells RK ..that its happened to her before..she has danced with him before.. in her dreams..! Embarrassed RK snaps his fingers and with it Madhus trance breaks..!

He asks her whats up with her..either she is nuts or wants to make him nuts! LOL Madhu remembers to return his moby! He says.. have one.. ! She smiles again.. Embarrassed RK asks the matter..! Madhu averts and leaves.. but after smiling at him n he smiles too..! Madhu reaches home ..drools on RKs pic n says.. ‘Tu to gai’ [Ur a goner] and that it felt real..!

She picks a flower n remembers her dream. n wonders if it was real or not..! She spots.. RKs coat .. scarf .. walks to it..and starts to sing.. ‘Main pareshan’ n dances with the coat..! Wink She keeps twirling and ends up smashing into RK..! ShockedEmbarrassed RK snaps his fingers and asks..what is she doing n she keeps blushing ..! RK asks.. if she was threatened to smile.. by making her sit on a camel in a river! LOL Madhu says..she isnt ok.. rather is ‘Pareshan’ n its coz of HIM! Embarrassed She tells him that when RK is with her..close to her.. her breath stops..heartbeat increases..llh stammers again ..! She tells him .. ‘ I LOVE U RK’!! Madhu hugs RK n says..dunno.when.. how .. why! RK hugs her back..! She asks him if he too loves her? Madhu was a dream..! Ouch RK comes n says.. ‘Kem cho. .maja ma cho’?? [How r u.. ] LOL Madhu stays quiet..! Madhu tells RKs coat.. ‘Dil ki bhasha mein. .main theek nahi hun’ .. [M not ok] I LOVE U RK! EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Part 2

In the morning.. RK is twitching his eyes coz of sunlight falling on him n Madhu comes n blocks it! Embarrassed She tries to set his ruffled hair and then touches his face when he wakes up and leaps out on the couch seeing her! EmbarrassedLOL

Precap — Dips asks Madhu if she knows why they are getting Mehendi put ..its for Karvachauth pray for Hubbys long life but doubt she will be interested! Radha and Madhus face tense..!

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