Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2012 Written Episode

the epi starts with M’s doing the pooja.. Anshu hesitatingly tells Vish that he wants to join their business! Anshu says that he knows he has not done anything coz of which they can trust him.. he adds that he knows that they have lost all hopes in him.. but vish cuts him! He says don’t u ever say that again! Vish is glad of this decision of Anshu! he tells him to go to the office with dadu and kaka!

Naksh chat with duggu on speaker.. duggu is doing mastiLOL Naksh inform them that they will reach today itself! g tells akshi sorry for calling her from vacation.. but akshi says don’t say that.. they are sooo happyy.. they are gona come today afternoon itself.. they are having a bit of fun, when the phone gets cut abruptly..

G3 calls rj and tells her that Naksh are returning home the same day! they have also invited them for dinner! Vish gets so excited! He is dying to eat something good, other than boiled food!

Naksh go for shopping.. akshi says she will buy things for everyoneBig smile she buys keychains.. naitik is observing her.. he tells her to do it fastTongue she starts bargainingLOL Naitik tells her to do fast again.. LOL Akshi walks away from thereLOL Naitik buys those keychains.. and goes to lakeside.. to manaofy akshiLOL Naitik tries to manaofy akshiLOL they fight for sometime and go in opp directions[=))] after a while akshi turns and asks whether he wants to get angry or wants to enjoy the rest of the time? they laugh it off.. and akshi starts running in the jungle.. they compete as to who will reach the pahad first. they run in the jungle, naitik chasing and trying to catch akshi! Akshi is on the road, teasing naitik.. naitik notices a car.. the car is nearing akshi.. and as soon as akshi sees it.. in a span of moment, Naitik holds her and they roll to the side of the roadShocked Akshi gets shocked.. she starts crying.. she scolds him for risking his life for her.. naitik says he will save her, even if his life is in danger.. akshi shouts bas! she says he won’t say this again. ever. she says she wants to home. she doesnt feel good.

Rj feeds anshu dahi shakkar! they all bless him.. this is a surprise for AkshiTongue they go to office..

In car ..
Akshi is not feeling good… naitik observes this.. he starts hmming the tune of jadoo yeh kya chal gaya. (omg! refreshes so many memories! WOW!) Akshi smiles

g3 is papering duggu.. bm and g3 talk about naksh.. g3 says that she felt as if akshi wanted to say something, but didn’t! bm suggests to just call her and clear her doubts..

in the car..
akshi joins naitik in hmming jadoo yeh kya chal gaya.. they sing together.. g3 calls akshi.. they are talking.. they praise naitik for finding a broken toy of duggu.. they are talking.. when a truck(which is not driving in the correct lane) is coming towards their car.. the driver is busy talking on the phone.. when realises, a bit too late, that an accident is gonna happen..
Naitik predicts the accident.. he shouts, "I Love You Akshara" and turns the car.. in an attempt to save akshi hurting himself. Akshi shouts "Naitik" .. G3 gets up from her sofa shouting, "Munnaa!" Dramatic. They can’t hear anyone now.. g3 is shocked.. rb tries to talk over the phone but can’t hear anything.

the truck and the car is there on the road.

g3 cries.. she says she heard akshi scream.. rb tries calling.. they dont pick up the phone! M’s come to SS. they see g3 crying. G3 tells everyone that something happened to her kids. She says she heard akshi’s scream.. and before that naitik’s. A loud crashing sound came. Everyone is shocked.

In the car, naksh lie unconscious.

here shaurya takes the resort’s number, and decides to go and see what happened..

Akshi gets some consciousness.. after some efforts.. she can scream.. she screams naitik.. calls out for naitik.. she is hurt.. but she unlocks the seat belt.. it hurts her hand.. she shouts, but is strong.. she is too hurt.. but gets out of the car.. naitik is still unconscious..

PRECAP:: naitik is in hospital.. the doc calls for emergency attendance.. his heart beat is decreasing.. akshi collaspses there and there.. shaurya comes, akshi falls in his hands.. they overhear the docs saying that the condition is really bad.

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