Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 28th November 2012 Written Episode

The show begins with Khushi babling. Nani comes to tell Khushi that she dreamt Khushi won Mrs. India contest. Khushi tells she will take her. Arnav comes and suddenly she tells she cant come along with her. Please forgive me, I can’t. She prays in front of temple whom she should take along. Anjali comes and tries to butter up Khushi to tag along in the show. Again Arnav comes and she says she can’t take Anjali. Anjali ask why ? Khushi says b’coz its her bad luck. Manorama comes and tries to impress Khushi by catwalk.

Khushi tells even to Manorama she can’t take her. NK comes and tries to impress her. But she cant take her. Aarav comes and says I LOVE YOU to Khushi and ask can he tag along. Khushi is in delima. She scolds Arnav and leaves.

At the content everyone is along with thier partners. She thinks if Arnav would come along with her like them, then no one could win over her.
Arnav calls and tells he is there only. So dont worry.

Rabba Ve…

Khushi’s friend ask is she alone ? Where is her partner ?
Khushi says excuse .. and leaves. Actually she had brought someone else by paying him to be her fake husband…. The guy asks for more money.


The competition begins first contestant is Amrita.
Male Judge ask her personal question like tell something about her husband. The judge already knows her husband is fake.
She gets disqualified from the round. Similar questions to other contestants,. .. they goes on anwering…

Then comes hot Natasha with her husband. She answer’s smartly. Now question goes to her husband and answers all question wrong.
Judges comments upon them. Next contestant is Khushi. She comes…. walks alone. Arnav is scared. She came alone.


Judge ask Khushi why is she alone ? Nani comes on ramp and tells she is her Nani to judge. They judge is about to ask question suddenly Manorama comes then .. Anjali and whole family. She says without any one of them she cant come. Today is her special day and so she can’t be alone without her family.
Judge ask about Manorama and Khushi answer’s correctly.
Female Judge ask Manorama she stumbles a while but Anjali helps her.

Another question is about NK that too she answers correctly. NK too tactfully answers.

Arnav just watches whole family and smiles….



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