Qubool Hai 28th November 2012 Written Episode

So Haseena be still being her investigative self and Asad comes there and tells her that no Mr Qureshi lives in the area and Haseena praises Asad first up and then asks him his name and he tells her and she leaves all happy knowing he is the guy EmbarrassedLOL

-Asad the psycho putting the magazines in order and then gets back to reading his book and his fone rings but he conts to avoid the call cause Zo is arnd and he will have to say those 3 words to take the call and after much avoiding he goes to another room to take the call and Says I am sorry Zoya and she hears it and Laughs and he glares

-Dilshad looking at that gift from Rashid and Haseena’s question abt her husbands name and next morning Asad is going crazy attending those fone calls and having to say I am Sorry Zoya everytime ROFL

-Ayaan and Humeira at a Cafe and Humeira is wanting Ayaan to praise her new earrings and all and Ayaan is all interested in Zoya and just then a gurl dressed in western wear is coming his wear and he thinks its Zoya but it turns out to b sumone who knows him and he is all clueless and Humeira helps him out and he as usual starts off with his flirting only to get a slap in return

-Dilshad and najma setting up the breakfast table and Asad n Zo and Asad again displays his freaky sideLOL and Zoya starts off with her shayari teasing Asad abt his mobile only to get a glare in return

-Asad’s fone rings and he doesnt take it and Zoya is all smirking and she asks Asad as to why he isnt taking his calls and its simple that he just has to say the password and he is all mad LOL and then Dilshad to asks him to take hi call and he goes a bit from there and takes it saying the password and all r stunned and Zoya spills the beans abt the password she set

–Asad is all miserable with his fone and cant get anyone to fix it and is livid with Zoya and she is busy laufing

–Ayaan n Humeira bk from the outing n discussing Zoya and there Razia puts forth the idea of Humeira and Ayaan as a pair and makes a excuse when Rashid’s mum arrives but she gets the intention and idea

Nusrat, Nikhat Humeira and Ayaan call a meeting to discuss plans for Shireens bday and gets all sad saying it mite be her last and the 4 agree to add Imran to the gang but Ayaan is like he will hv to prove himself fitting to the gang and Nikhat is like why and ultimately agrees to it and they disperse

Asad comes to Zo’s messy room and asks her to fix his phone and she tells him to say sorry and she will do the needful and that she has helped him in a way and that by saying sorry the whole day round he must have got the art by now and Asad ‘s fone rings just then and he walks away with it glaring at her full on and she says Ziddi

-Precap- Asad corners Zo and asks her to fix the fone right now and she is like she wont till he says sorry and he traps her between his arms and moves close to her ShockedShockedROFL(mere conservative Asad ke to parr nikal aaye

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