Parichay 30th November 2012 Written Episode

begins with Sidhi(Keerti Nagpure) giving statement in court in favor of Kunal (Samir Soni). Sidhi tells in court that Kunal is the best father in this world and he can bring up Anand better than her. Mr. Thakral tried to mould Sidhi but she answer backs that he is wasting court time.

Kunal thanks her brother to support him so much in the court. He tells her that if they loose Anand he would be as upset as Kunal.

Kunal and all family members are confused on the Sidhi statement in court. They fail to understand why Sidhi wants to loose case which she herself have files. Mr. Thakral calls Abhay Dewan and warns him that if they lost case they will loose it because of Sidhi. Abhay Dewan tells Mr. Thakral to take new date.

Abhay decides to take revenge from Sidhi.

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