Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th December 2012 Written Episode

Koki and aman tries to console gopi. Aman gets a call and he leaves. Koki asks gopi to call ahem once again, So she does. The mobile gets switched off. Gopi again gets worried. Koki consoles gopi saying he might be in the meeting. Rashi & urmi in some corner, rashi scolds urmi that she is suffering with sprain because of her. Urmi says she would give a US cream with which she can get well. Dhawal finds gopi worried and asks gopi about ahem. Dhawal tells he too would try for ahem’s mobile. Gopi will be worried for ahem. Koki asks gopi to take rest for a while. Koki calls hetal and asks her to say gopi to take rest. Hetal also consoles gopi and convinces her to take rest. Hetal takes gopi from there. Jigar and koki also worry about ahem. Aman comes back and says he should have asked him where he is going. Chirag comes there and asks for ahem to koki. Kinjal finds dhawal talking to falguni and gets irritated. In gopi’s room, gopi will be trying ahem’s mobile. Hetal finds this and comes out. Chirag says everyone that he has called all their clients but ahem isnt with them. As its 9’o clock all get worried. Jigar doubts that ahem might have gone to the new project area. Jigar & aman leave. Later jigar & aman reach their. Jigar asks the workers about ahem but they say he hasnt come here. Both again head to home. Jigar calls chirag and tells ahem isnt in the site and they are going to office now. Hetal gets worried that ahem doesnt switches off his cell.

Rashi & urmi in some corner gets irritated that ahem is missing and the party has got ruined now. Jigar reach office and enquire about ahem. But the security person tells ahem hasnt come to the office. Jigar goes inside and checks. Jigar again comes back and tells he isnt here. Jigar & aman think of going home and think what to do. Hetal gives milk to gopi and she asks for ahem. Hetal says she would come and inform her once ahem is home. Bha calls hetal so hetal comes downstairs. Jigar & aman return modi bhawan. Jigar says they should file a complaint in police station. Aman asks whether he has any enemies. Jigar doubts this might be some kidnap. Koki gets worried. Jigar tells if 2 people try for same project they can kidnap. Koki after a while tells they shouldnt express this doubt before gopi as she gets worried.

Gopi doubts that there is no noise and comes downstairs. Koki will be telling everyone that they shouldnt express their doubt of ahem’s kidnap before gopi. Gopi comes there and asks for ahem. Everyone get shocked but later understands that she hasnt listened to their conversation. Jigar lie gopi that ahem has called from his client’s mobile and told he will get late. Koki takes gopi to take rest as they got information about ahem now. Koki and gopi leave. Bha also gets worried. Rashi & urmi will be worried as they dint even cut the cake and its getting wasted. Koki in gopi’s room consoles gopi that ahem will be back soon. Koki comes out upset.

Door bell rings and everyone rush towards main door but all shock.

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