Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 6th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written UpdateEpisode begins with, Lucky telling Lovely that that’s great and he leaves dancing from there. Sweety-Lovely are happy. Lovely tells Sweety that she is looking gorgeous. Sweety laughs and goes in the kitchen to make parathas for him.
On the other hand, Pinky is been appreciated by the guruji. Sunny see’s this and Pinky stares at him with a smile. Guruji tells her that she is going lot of hardwork and speaks about something very important which is “chance” the chance which is offered and not accepted.

Lucky comes to meet Jeet in the office and tells a joke. Lucky invites Jeet home. Jeet calls Pinky and tells that he is going to Lucky’s home.

Sweety is held a Kitty Party. Pinky is there too. Pinky tells, why is this a Kitty party? Kitty means Cat? So is this cat’s party? Sweety laughs. Sweety tells Pinky, that she’s doing this because u told that Lucky has held a party. So she cannot wait to see his reaction. Sweety offers some snacks and all and the Cats, Ladies are gossiping.
Lucky is busy inviting friends and he enters the house with a smile but that smile lasts no more and he is shocked to see Ladies in his house.

Sweety tells him, Welcome Home Lucky ji. U’ve brought drinks for us? So sweet. You got to know that i’ve thrown this party so u came to help out? Sweety introduces him. Lucky tells, that he too has held a party. Sweety tells, since I held my party first so ur party invitation has to be cancelled. Lucky shocked.
Sweety requests him to brings some drinks and snacks. Lucky begins to fill glasses for cold-drinks and Sweety takes his bag. Pinky is laughing seeing the fun.

Jeet turns up at the party. He is shocked. Sweety comes walking and greets him. Jeet is shocked seeing Sweety. Sweety introduces him too and tells them, since this is “ladies party” So you two, In the kitchen, thank you! She smiles.
Meanwhile, Rocky comes in the house with his friends, Yudi and else and he is shocked seeing ladies present.

Sweety tells, Rocky!!! She is surprised. Sweety asks what happened? Rocky tells, Mom you must tell before about the party right? Sweety tells, U’ve become so big still talking like a kid. Go somewhere else since this is OUR party. Rocky is getting angry.
Mandira tells Yudi to chill somewhere else. The friends leave. Rocky is upset and Sweety is happy. Meanwhile Pinky-Jeet leave.

Lucky is thinking about what happened in the evening. Rocky comes there and both of them vent out their frustrations. Rocky tells him that he must take action and not leave it loose. You have to become a man, Indian man and tell her something.
Episode Ends with Lucky ji thinking.

Precap: Yudi-Rocky are on the bike. Later, Yudi calls Mandira and tells, We are at the police station and Rocky is with me. Mandira gives the phone to Sweety and Rocky tells her that he is at the police station. Sweety in shock tells, What?

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