Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 6th December 2012 Written Episode

Episode Start After yesterdays scene Karan Talking with someone and Just he saw Viren whose comes to his Suddenly’ Karan getting shocked and tries to Move the topic of Media side and cut the phone’ Viren looking Pissed..Karan doing drama in front of Viren and tell that he was talking with Media wale and they want to knew Manvi’s History from me..I have Much busy and want to manvi will be won she did lots for me and I am trying to do something for her cause for her efferts I got My Mom..if Virat also My brother But I am tries to support Manvi and if anyone win between them trophy should be comes our home..Just mad comes and calling Viren that jevika waiting him Viren goes with surprising Look..

Virat andManvi On the car and and thoughts to each other with keep silent ..Manvi tells herself that she knew that past few days virat may be Lost his relief from her.and she don’t want to comes in his way and wish from her heart that virat will get his biggest won today’s’Virat also says himself that he dont want such of time come then he cant says anything to manvi if he wish to tells her.,,please manvi forgive me and all the best to you’ Both Look each other but in keep quiet..

Other side Jevika pray for manvi and Virat success and says that if anyone won but their relationship does not end I wish..

At the competition Hall Radha and sujeet the judges comes on the stage’ Jevika and Viren gets worried for Virman and Karan evil smile and think that a drama should comes on the stage soon.
Sujeet says that he cant imagine that who will won today’s comptition..Radha says that all of them well deserve and best men should be win
At their Makeup room Both Virat and Manvi looking in dilemma and think for each other..Virat thought that why he comes here to win ? it is not as big as manvi who give me My Life and after that I was set My future and a new way and manvi thought that Virat was standing behind me every time and he was also worried for me ..how I will be do competition with him. I can’t keep silent in that time..

Both comes to take their decision and meet with each other..their cute eye lock and they want to say to each other in same time and blush..virat says that he take a decision and manvi reply that she also taken a decision..

They calling only Manvi and Virat also comes with her on the stage..Manvi says that we say something to everyone ..all of them surprise..Virat told that we want to quit from the Show’ all of them with judges getting shocked..Sujeet and Radha says that time not for Kidding so keep serious..Virat reply that he does not kidding and they want to leaves the show..Judges comes to stage and warn that you have a contract so you can’t left The show’..virat tells that he will be pay all the Money but don’t remain here anymore..Radha says that are you knew that Money will be much big..virat smile and reply that money will not big as my Love’. Radha says that Music is your first love how you lose your chance..Virat reply that Manvi is his main aim not Music’manvi says that virat my husband is My big won my Biggest Prize’Radha and sujjet tries to convince them but cant success..

Radha also getting emotional to see their beautiful Bonding with each other..Radha says that I remember my old days when I also standing in such mod and I have a choice that time to choose between career and Love and I was choosing my career instead of love to think that if I get my career then should be get Love also but now I have everything but I am alone that time..virat smile and says that our life will also going that way I don’t put the break..Sujeet also feeling sad ..

Sujeet says that your decision does not right for fans and show…even you both sing for your fans without think you Lost or win..virat smile and accept it..
Virat and manvi sung a duet together but judges says that they will get marks seperetly..Virat and manvi sung a song’ “”:Tere Haath mein Mera Haath Hoo saari jannate mere saath Hoo “” ( OMG they Both Looking gorgeous and sweet together )

Anchor announcing the result and calling Manvi,Virat ,Sankalp and Aparajita On the Stage..she says that 3 and 2 runner up is Aparajita and Sankalp and Winner should be between Virat and Manvi..Virat stoped her..manvi says that she does not want to knew the Winner..Virat says that That Trophy will be give to Sankalp cause they have learn very Much from the Comptation and it was enough for them..Sankalp get the Trophy and All fans with Vaderas getting Happy and smile’

Precap.Karan Threaten someone on phone that after his Idea to Published Manvi and Virat diverse story his career comes from back foot to the front foot and he have many Ideas to remove manvi and Virat relationship..Manvi overhear whole talking and gets shocked.

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