Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 7th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written UpdateMadhu recollects RKs words and shudders..! She cleans RKs dads pic and Radha comes..! Radha admits she thought of Madhu during Karvachauth..! She requests Madhu to forgive her but Madhu stops her!

Radha says.. relations are to be fulfilled by heart not head! She admits being unfair to Madhu ..! She seeks Madhus forgiveness… n admits on being instigated by someone! She praises Madhu for fulfilling her duties of a wife n RK as a hubby! Madhu assures her that she has no complaints..!

Radha asks from where she got such a huge heart .. RK comes and asks as well ..! RK says.. its time to stop this Saas-Bahu High TRP drama! RK asks Madhu to come with him to the Doc! Madhu is quiet .. n RK says.. he will either forcibly carry her to Doc or the Doc to her!

RK taunts about how some people never learn from mistakes..! Radha walks out..! Madhu says what will he lose by being nice n RK says.. the R aka Rishabh Kundra .. n Madhu says.. even he wants to say sorry but he cant as he will lose the K of RK!

In the car.. RK admits to have over reacted on her and tells her.. BIG BOSS wants Madhu to reduce the swell of her face and talk to him..! They come to Natraj Studio!

RK says.. Big Boss wants Madhu to come to confession room n Madhu says.. Madhu wants to nominate RK! RK says..’I am… I am..’ n asks if she is gonna make him say whole thing? He requests her to come with him n says PLEASE!

Madhu enters.. its dark n Madhu is worried n turns n RK comes.. n assures her saying ‘ M here’! He holds her in his arms

He says.. lets celebrate KC one more time.. in RK style.. n RK standard!

He brings her to a garden like place.. all decked up lights.. with a swing..! He shows the table with food for three people … Rishbala and the Moon..! He snaps the finger n Moon is up..! He makes Madhu close her eyes.. brings net type thing. to see moon n then him!

He explains reason to see thru Chalni ..coz Pati is Parmeshwar n one must not look at God directly ..! He says..for him it means its in lieu of Ghunghat to see hubby if he is ugly!

He takes out bisleri water n feeds her… then feeds chocolate .. n she feeds him back!

Part 2

RK says. everytime she smiles.. it feels like .. she is confused n Madhu hits RK ..! Madhu says..girls too have some mystery! He sees a lil bit of choco on Madhus cheek near lips ..! Madhu is talking n RK disappears!

RK brings a transistor n puts a song on ..! Madhu recollects the party nite dance thing n what all happened! She gives her hand in his!

Part 3

Song – Dadi amma man jao Madhu breaks out laughing n RK too .. they start to dance n then Madhu goes n sits on the swing n RK sits n ext to her.. they hold hands n eyelocks!

Precap – Baho ke darmiya… and RK carries Madhu in his arms..from swing to the garden..! When she stands.. he holds her face n closes in …Madhu closes her eyes!

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