Balika Vadhu 10th December 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Marriage venue
While the whole of jaitsar is prepping for the mass marriage thats happening along with anandi’s marriage with shiv, mohan and megha bhatnagar arrive representing the newspaper, prabhat lehar. They give a news byte about how anandi, the sarpanch of the village is marrying shiv, the collector of the village and they are sharing this momentous occassion in their lives with 14 other unfortunate girls, who have also been on the receivng end of the social boycott, due to their husband’s demise or them being left by their spouses. They are talking to different people present in the venue taking in their feelings and emotions. Everybody is waiting with bated breaths for anandi’s arrival. Finally her car arrives, and she steps out along with other ladies. she and bhairo are immediately thronged by reporters for their comments, basant tells them to wait till shiv arrives.

Megha and Mohan come to anandi to congratulate her on this day and also appreciate her efforts for turning her marriage as an example for the society. Megha assures her that she would be alrite as her condition is similar to what megha herself had been through when she had lost her husband and met mohan as the mother of her two kids, but then now everything is fine in her life. mohan too congratulates anandi. anandi says thats its been very nice to meet megha since all the hesitation in her mind has now been resolved after meeting her and seeing how happy she is aftre her second marriage. just then, someone announces shiv’s arrival and megha and mohan along with others too rush to the entrance to see him. shiv emerges perched on a horse with his family dancing in front of him all the way making merry. Mohan and megha congratulate him too and say that they just met anandi and she’s luking very b’ful and that he’s a lucky man.

Just then, the CM too arrives. megha and mohan go to him for his comment. He saya that he is not here as the CM of the state, he is here as a fatherly figure to all these girls and he has to be excused to be able to receive his son in laws’.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli.
Jagiya is wandering alone in the house and thinking that he feels so alone whereas the place is the same, the people are the same but the relations have changed, he is not happy aas he used to be here. he remembers his moments with anandi, from their childhood to adolescence and a tear escapes his eyes.

Precap: Shiv and anandi finally get married amidst the blessings of thousands of people gathered to give their good wishes.

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