Punar Vivah 10th December 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Everybody assembles in the drawing room before Pankaj leaves with pari and paridhi for the court trial. She apologizes for having put the scindia family’s respect at stake for one mistake, and one lie of hers. Gayatri doesnt say anything and leaves the roo. everybody thinks she’s still angry at pari. But she comes back with CHARNAMRIT from her temple and gives it to pari saying that she has the fullest faith in her god that he wont let this happen to pari and their family and hugs her. Pankaj says that they should now leave. just then, buaji asks about yash and arti’s whereabouts as they were not to be seen anywhere. She goes inside to check on them. Suraj in the meanwhile, tells gayatri not to be disappointed since the court’s descision is not out yet. And that even if its not in pari’s favour, they would take it up right till the supreme court to keep the Scindia family’s respect alive.

While everybody is ready to go to the court, buaji comes and shocks everybody saying that yash and arti have left. She shows Suraj a packet and says that she thinks its the same packet in which the air tickets for bhopal to mumbai were delivered to them. Everybody is puzzled. And suraj wonders why did arti and yash take off to mumbai without even telling anyone.

Scene 2:
Location: Kirti Karan Mehta’s house in Mumbai
Yash and arti ask the watchmen about Kiran, karan’s wife and is told that she’s not at home. When he’s gone, they think that he’s lying and that she’s inside the house and that its very important for them to meet her today. Arti asks yash for his wallet and then taking out monetary notes from it, leaves a trail starting from the main gate and then hides behind the tree outside the house. While waiting, yash tries to talk, she shushes him by putting a hand on his mouth, causing yash to be lost in the romance of the moment. As expected, the watchman falls prey to her trick, and while he completes his trail for notes, they slip inside the gate from behind the tree.

They reach the garden, where they find Kirti watering plants. She is surprisedto see them and calls out for the watchman. But arti and yash calm her down and try to explain their situation to her saying that they are a happy joint family in bhopal, the place she left irritated with the flirtatious behaviour of her husband. But these days they are in trouble due to Pari being involved in her husband’s murder case when she’s innocent. They ask fo her help in proving pari’s innocence. She refuses to help them and calls the watchman to show them out. a distraught arti, literally begs her to notice their plight and come with them so give her tatement on the basis of which pari can be proved innocent. She pleads her to do this favor for them and she would be forever obliged to her. But she doesnt listen to them as they are shown out by the watchman.

Scene 3:
Location: In the court
The opponent’s lawyer accuses pari of having murdered Karan Mehta when he didnt take her for his next film. Pankaj in her defence says that this all is a story and that Karan was a womaniser who took advantage of such innocent girls who wanted to make it big in the glamour world. the judge reprimands him for being such an eminent lawyer and yet not understanding that the court functions on the basis of evidence found. and pari’s counsel hadnt been able to provide any solid evidence backing up their story whereas all the evidences at the scene of the crime indicate towards pari being the murderer. and therefore, the court finds pari guilty of committing murder and sentences her to an imprisonment of 7 years.

Just then, arti and yash arrive along with Mrs. Mehta and declare that she has something to say that might change the court’s descision and the innocent may be spared the punishment. The opponent counsel defends saying that they have been too late and that the ounishment has already been given. But pankaj argues that no result is final till it is stamped under the law and that hasnt been done yet. The judge too encourages her to speak since one statement could change the descision.

she is called on to the witness box and asked by pankaj to say whatevr he has to about her husband. she goes on to recollect that she had been there that day when pari had hit him with the flower vase but she verifies that pari didi so only to save herself from him. she says that she could have taken him to the hospital for immediate treatment but she left him dying there slowly in pain as he didnt want to give him a second life so that he could destroy other young girls too like pari. She says she might have committed murder if they mean not trying to save him by that, but she didnt do it for herself but for all the other girls’ like pari who could have been his victim.

The judge says that its vry evident from the current statement that pari is not guilty of murdering Karan Mehta. He also releases an accquittal order discharging pari from all charges and tells the police to start a fresh investigation into the case. Everybody is happy at this news. The screen freezes on arti’s happy face.

Precap: arti tells pari in the kitchen again to tell prateik about that night before he has to hear it from somebody else. Pari is as usual in a fix as to how to explain it to him. Meanwhile buaji hears their conversation from a distance.

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