Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th December 2012 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu returns to the mansion and Radha asks how it all was?Smile Madhu is in a trance n says.. he din come! Ouch Radha says RK started long back..! Shocked Madhu is worried and says.. RKs cells is switched off..! Radha asks servant to call all studio managers and find out about RK..? Madhu gets thru to RK! Asks where RK is n he says no ideaOuch

Everyone assembles in the hall and Radha says.. hope RK is fine..! Ouch Madhu recollects Trish’s curse! Sikky suggests going to cops but Kuku chides him! Radha asks everyone if they have any idea but Kuku says.. RK moves on his own free will … n will comeback! The bodyguard shares with Radha that Dips had met RK before RK left..! All look at Dips n she feigns that it was just casual..! Angry Bodyguard shares that Dips was in RKs room for 20mins..! Madhu asks Dips where RK is? Angry Dips idea..! She asks ..what did Dips say to RK? Dips says.. RK doesnt listen to others…! Tongue

Madhu threatens Dips that if she finds out Dips words hurt RK, she wont spare her! Approve RK is in the farmhouse rocking his dads chair and recollects Madhus invite to him for lunch! ShockedConfused

Recollects Dips taunts to him what Madhu calls RK as ?? Dips says RK the superstar …! She says.. he has everything.. except Love.. n whoever he loves.. goes away from him..! Angry Talks of his dad, mom n her! AngryDead She says.. no one gets mukammal jahan.. one gets everything but not love! Dips says.. Madhu loves RK Embarrassed n he too has ‘Ishq wala love’ for Madhu.. but Madhu loves RK the SUPERSTAR …! RK says.. his granny told him that liars see all as liars ..but din say.. crappy people see all as crappy!

RK tells Dips that Dips is wrong… Madhu has sacrificed all ..! Dips say.. they need to test Madhus love ! RK grabs Dips throat and says.. Madhus head doesnt have money in her mind.. but love..! Dips says.. thats whats needed to be proved! Angry She asks him to leave all and ask Madhu to come with him n he says..he will prove it..!

Part 2

Dips tells RK that .. Madhu calls him RK the SUPERSTAR .. not Rishabh .. as she loves RK the SUPERSTAR .. not Rishabh! Angry RK walks off. Dips smirks!

Part 3

RK overhears Radha telling Bittu about RK going to Madhus place ..! RK is cutting logs and recollects Dips words!

Precap — RK tells Madhu that God sent her in his life as he was not able to pass time… he is fire..she is fire.. he is storm… she is storm … n he is mad n she is madder.. n after all this.. he loves her like nuts..! RK tells Madhu that he has fallen in love.. with her..! Madhu teary eyed.. n shocked

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