Punar Vivah 13th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written Update Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Hearing the doorbell ring, as arti goes to open the door, she is stopped by prashant saying that she was right in saying that even though they have no feelings nd realtions between them, yet her family wouldnt be able to understand this. hence he decides to sneak out the back door and then suggests arti to open the door. When he’s gone, arti opens the door to find her family waiting outside. gayatri tells her how successful the visit to the temple was even though the roads were worse than ever. They all then come inside while arti is still tensed.

Outside while prashant is trying to sneak out, he collides into prateik who was just coming in. But before, he can recognize prashant he flees from there. prateik concerned goes inside the house and asks if anybody came. while others are puzzled, arti is scared. they then think that arti must be knowing if anybody came to visit. But then assume that if it was anybody known he wouldnt have snuck out like that. Buaji shows to be extremly horrified at the thought of theifs in the house and as usual reprimands arti for being so careless. Suraj stops her and pankaj too asks her not to worry since they have the CCTV footage of the main gate to find out who it was. While everybody gets ready to check, arti is scared to death.

They gather around the Player and see the footage, but to arti’s relief the footage does not show prashant’s face clearly. Prateik comes and tells them that nothing seems to be stolen or tampered with. Yash comes in and asks what happened sensing the mood and prateik tells him everything. Yash however recognizes the blue muffler of prashant but cant remember where he saw it. He gives up and suraj too tells everybody to relax since no harm has been done. They leave. Pankaj too asks prateik and yash to stop worrying and party about the fact that they won the case.

Scene 2:
Location: yash’s house
While prateik and pankaj are drinking, they start talking about how arti weaved her miracle again today in the court by getting the girl who they didnt even think could help the case. Prateik comments that arti is a great girl and that anybody in her company can fall in love with her. But yash being innocent, even after spendign so much time has just managed to be good friends and not fallen in love with her. He remembers their moments together in Mrs. Kiran’s flat in mumbai and says that she indeed is a great girl and that he is madly in love with her. Both prateik and pankaj are overjoyously surprised to hear him say that and are about to shout it out to the rest of the family, when yash stops them saying that he hasdnt yet told arti about it. Prateik asks him to say it to her. He says that he too has been thinking the same. yash says that he needs their help in planning out a surprise for her that she likes. prateik commenst that girls like shopping, diamonds and holidays and anyone would please arti too. yash begs to differ saying that arti is different. both pankaj and prateik who are drunk now, sart commenting on how behidn all the love, all women are basically the same and would prefer shopping on the husband’s money rather than share a meal with them. yash seeing that they are deviating from the topic, asks them to focus on the surprise and not scare him from it. Prateik tells him to have a beer as its a confidence booster and then once it kicks in, tells everything that he feels to arti.

Scene 3:
Location: yash’s house
Finding pari alone in the kitchen, she comes upto her and ask if she could give her an advice. when she says yes, arti tells pari again to tell prateik about that night, whenever she thinks its the right time or the right situation, before he has to hear it from somebody else. Since if he does, he would be so hurt and she doesnt want this truth to mar their marriage and the beautiful relation that they share. Pari is as usual in a fix as to how to explain it to him. Meanwhile buaji hears their conversation from a distance. She thinks to herself, that what is this truth that arti is asking pari to tell prateik that only arti knows and she doesnt. She is determined to find out whats brewing.

Scene 4:
Location: Yash’s house
When pankaj offers yash another beer, yash declines it. He tells yash to go and tell arti what he feels for her. Prateik too convinces him that its the right time and that he’s in the right frame of mind to profess his love for her. while yash is time and again hesitant with doubts creeping in his mind about arti’s reaction, he leaves no option to his brothers but to literally force him out of the room so that he can go to arti. Yash finally musters up enough courage to start going towards their room.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
Pari and arti are sitting in arti’s room while vidhi is comemnting as to how arti has changed yash’s outlook towards life and how he has become so concerned for arti and decorated this room for her. She asks arti that what would be her reaction if right then yash walks in saying that he immensely loves her. Not getting the desired effect, she goes to the closet and pulling aysh’s shirt out and wearing it, she stands before and comically starts imitating yash as to how he would speak out his love for arti is hesitation. Vidhi’s version of yash sends arti into slits of laughter. while she reaches the table to have a glass of water, she comments that vidhi took less than a minute to say her feelings aloud, but yash would actually take about a year. Saying so, she turns around and is surprised to find yash standing in the doorway. Vidhi and pari too notice him. The screen freezes on Arti’s face.

Precap: Seeing yash in a drunk, romantic mood, Vidhi taks pari out of the room with an excuse of some work in the kitchen. When arti offers to come along with them to help, vidhi tells her that they would manage in the kitchen, she should control the situation in here first. Arti, looking at yash, smiles to herself in anticipation of whats to come.

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