Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written Update Aman shows the video of gopi and asks him to sign. Ahem remains calm. So aman again hits ahem. Ahem gets fainted. Aman’s partner says some one has come for him. So aman leaves from there leaving his mobile on the table. Jigar enquires about gopi in the village. Finally he finds the house from where gopi has called him. A lady over there says jigar that gopi has come there but she has left from here to search for her husband. Dissapointed jigar comes back. Aman calls his person and asks to call him when ahem signs the papers. Aman calls jigar and asks about gopi. Jigar says not yet so aman says he would inform him when he finds gopi. Aman hangs on. Ahem will be fainted so the kidnappers think of having tea so they leave. Ahem opens his eyes and open the rope with which he was tied. Ahem takes aman’s mobile and rushes out. Aman finds his followers having tea. They hear some sound and rush inside. Aman scolds them asd asks to find ahem. Ahem will be running and they find him. The followers follow ahem.

Gopi will be walking and she feels her baby kicking her. So gopi worries and thinks of sitting for a while. Aman’s followers will be following ahem. Gopi cries for ahem and thinks he is in danger. Jigar will be searching and comes near by gopi but couldnt see her as she is behind some fence. So jigar leaves from as he cant see any village. Ahem runs and checks the mobile but their will be no signal. Again ahem runs and aman follows him. Finally ahem finds a place and sits as he is tired. Ahem calls modi bhawan. Koki feels its ahem and rushes their. Koki takes the call but aman takes the mobile and cuts the call before ahem speaks.

Aman grabs ahem and asks his followers to bring gopi so that he can torture ahem. Ahem gets up and hits aman. Aman asks ahem to sign the papers if not he would kill gopi. Ahem again hits aman. Aman return hits ahem to a wall and ahem gets fainted. Aman and his follower again take ahem into their place. Gopi will be still searching for ahem. As its night gopi thinks of calling jigar. Gopi finds a lady speaking on mobile and pleads her to give once and let her call. But the lady doesnt agree to give. Jigar gets down in a village to find gopi. Jigar enquires about gopi. A person says he has seen a lady like this near by and takes jigar to her. Gopi finds some dry grass and lies on it.

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