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Written Update The episode starts with Dholu telling Mayank to see his recording. Mayank is about to see when Seema tells him to go freshen up. He tells Dholu he’ll look at it later. Mayank looks at Gunjan’s empty and looks sad. Pihu tells Seema that she wants a lot of things since its Mayank’s wedding and says there should be singing and dancing since its a wedding house. She tells Rachana to ask for something too as she’ll never get a chance again. Rachana says she doesn’t need anything. Pihu talks more and Seema signals her to stop. Sangeetha then says with Shail around they have nothing to worry but Shail just remains quiet. Sangeetha tells her not to be angry at least for Mayank’s sake. Shail just looks and then takes a plate of food to Gunjan’s room. Gunjan is teary eyed and Shail comes with the food. Gunjan refuses to eat and Shail says she won’t eat too. Gunjan feeds her but Shail tells her to eat first and feeds her. Gunjan then feeds Shail too.

Part 2

Prabhu comes and tells Gunjan he knows she’s hurt and whatever happened wasn’t her fault. He says the one at fault is his unworthy son Mayank. He seeks forgiveness from Gunjan on Mayank’s behalf. Gunjan tells him not to. He says he’s embarrassed and whatever happenend was wrong. He says Seema doesn’t see hers or Mayank’s mistakes. He says if God gave Seema a daughter she would understand the pain Gunjan is going through. Gunjan says its not anyone elses fault. Prabhu tells her she has been and will always be a daughter to him. Shail prays to God saying she can’t see Gunjan in pain anymore and God should show a way. Dholu, Pihu and Sangeetha are promoting a new show on Zee. Dholu comes in with the videocam and is recording Pihu, Sangeetha and Seema’s conversation. Pihu tells them that Gunjan has spoiled the ambiance of the wedding. Dholu tells them to be quiet and not to talk bad of Gunjan. He says Gunjan is better than them and Charu. Dholu says he dislikes Charu. Pihu tells him not to say like that. Dholu says why should he when he’s saying the truth. He says Mayank’s wedding should be with Gunjan and she’s the best. Pihu scolds him and chases him out of the room. Dholu sits on the swing looking sad. Mayank asks him what’s wrong and he tells Mayank not to marry Charu and to marry Gunjan as she is a good girl. Mayank says he doesn’t like Gunjan. Dholu says Mayank likes her very much and Gunjan has been crying and starving. Mayank says he won’t understand and Dholu says he understands everything about Gunjan. Dholu says she loves Mayank and that’s why she’s sad. Mayank says its late and tells him to go sleep.

Part 3

Mayank says he’ll see the recording tomorrow and Dholu tells him to listen to what he said and marry Gunjan. Mayank tells him to sleep. Pihu tells Rachana not to go to college as there’s a wedding in the house. Shail comes and tells Rachana to go to college. Pihu tells Shail if she doesn’t want to participate in the wedding why is she forcing Rachana not to. Shail says she told her yesterday she can do as she pleases. Gunjan comes down and Shail asks why isn’t she going to college. Gunjan says she’s not feeling well and Shail realizes she has a fever. Shail tells her to go rest and will bring her water. Pihu tells Seema she has to ward away the evil from Mayank as someone might cast an evil eye indicating Gunjan. Gunjan is upset and runs to terrace. Mayank sees her go. Gunjan is crying and Dholu comes and asks her why she’s crying and to tells him as he can fix it. Dholu says he knows why she’s crying and its because she’s not marrying Mayank and tells her he’ll marry her .He tells her not to cry and to laugh as she looks best then. He wipes her tears and she hugs him. Rachana is at college and Vihaan comes with a car and drags her into the car. Vihaan tells Rachana in the car to make an excuse and to drag Gunjan and Mayank along with them. Rachana says not to go to the house and he agrees but says the plan was made for Gunjan and Mayank. Rachana says its too late and their relationship is over. Rachana says Mayank is gonna marry someone else. Vihaan tells Rachana he can;t believe it and has somewhat a smile on his face. Rachana looks puzzled. Vihaan then covers saying its sad and that Gunjan is sweet and she can get anybody and drives off. Chary and the whole family come to the house with lots of gifts.

Part 4

Seema is happy seeing the gifts. Charu’s mother sees Shail and tells her they brought gifts for everyone including her. Shail says to excuse her as she’s got some work. Charu’s mother tells her to be back fast as she has lots to talk. Charu’s father tells Dayal they came to ask what type of wedding they wanted. Dayal says he wanted to talk about it too and that there isn’t many days before the wedding and that it should be done simply. Charu is not happy. Charu’s mother says that she’s their only daughter and has lots of dreams about the wedding and it should be done grandly. They say most of the preparations are done and the hall has been booked. Charu’s father says the wedding is on a good date. Dayal then says if they’ve decided what is he to say.

Episode ends

Precap : No precap..

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