Hitler Didi 14th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written Update Episode starts eith Indu saying “Indira Sharma is not dead, she is alive, and I want to bring my real mother back in my life.” Rishi says that no, Zara is your mother. Just then Ishan comes to tell them that Zara is on TV. The whole faily watches Zara get praised on TV. Everyone is feeling very proud. She gets an award and 15 lakhs prize money. Zara gives a speech “My name is not Zara Malik Khan, it is just Zara Khan. I will serve my country till my last breath.” The whole family is very proud, but Indu is determined to bring her real mother home. They are watching Zara leave, and suddenly there is a bomb blast.

Indu goes to meet the lawyer, while Rishi is trying to call Zara. Inder Sharma says that he won’t be able to live if his Babli is gone again. The show LW in Rehab center in Delhi, jumping around. Indu and the lawyer are at the rehab center, with Indira’s fingerprints. Indu says “These fingerprints are of that lady (LW) and nobody can stop me from taking her with me.” The lawyer tells her to calm down. The police inspector who is there says “It’s true, I also have verified this.” The lady at rehab center says ok, and tells a nurse to call the patient number, but Indu stops her and says “Call her by name. Her name is Indira Sharma, she’s my mother. Say her name with respect. Do you understand, or should I make you?”

They show Rishi who’s gone to meet Zara in the hospital. He finds Vanraj, and says “Is Zara ok?” but Vanraj has gone mad and starts talking nonsense. Rishi gets frustrated and tries to ask nurse if Zara is admit in that hospital, and starts yelling at the nurse angrily. The nurse says to go check the corpses.

Indu goes to meet LW in the garden. The boy whose pants she pulled yesterday tries to bother her and take her ball. Him and some other boys tease LW. Meanwhile Rishi looks at a corpse and sees Zara there. Indu comes and hits the boy on the head with ball, and protects LW. She tells LW “You’re hitler didi! Get up and teach them a lesson!” LW gets up and Indu gives her the slingshot. LW starts hitting boys with rocks from slingshot The boys run away and Indu tries to give highfive, but LW gives back the slingshot instead, Indu is sad.

Meanwhile Rishi is crying, and suddenly Zara comes behind him and he realizes the corpse was someone else. He looks at her happily. Meanwhile Indu says “mummy, you’ll be ok soon.” and hugs LW, who is scared. Rishi hugs Zara, who hugs him back. Indu says”mummy lets go home, and pulls her.” Rishi says “Zara, we both experienced death before. But I was never more scared than now. If I lost you I would not be able to live. Will you marry me?” Zara looks at him.
Indu brings LW to CC, and says “This was your area.” She tries to take LW’s bag, but she gets scared and holds it close. Indu says sorry, I wont do that again. Then Indu is giving money to rickshwalla, and he says “Adult is child, and child is adult. Strange!” LW runs behind a chicken which goes into SN, and she enters it, and stares at chicken.

Precap: Everyone is sitting in SN and gets scared seeing the chicken. LW runs behind it, as they both go upstairs. Kutumb says “Hey who is that? Catch her! There’s a theif in our house!” while Hitler didi music is playing.

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