Balika Vadhu 17th December 2012 Written Episode

Balika Vadhu [Shiv-Aanandi Vivah Special} 17th December 2012 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

Written Update Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Anandi tells bhairo that for whatever he has done for her, thank you is too small a word to suffice for. Bhairo tells him that a daughter neednt thank her father for anything. He then tells shiv, that she is not just their daughter but also the respect of that haveli and therefore he has to handle it with extreme care. Shiv nods in a yes. Nandu too tries to stop anandi but she tells him that she has to go, but he’s old enough to take care while she’s gone. Sumitra and gehna too come forward. Finally, anandi with tears in her eyes, begins her ritual to leave the haveli, and go with shiv completing the VIDAAI ceremony. Meenu accompanies her while shiv walks ahead with ira. At the doorstep, shiv extends his hand and sumitra gives anandi’s hand to him and they walk out together.

Outside, anandi begins the final ritual of throwingaway grains in sumitra’s lap behind her and walk ahead without looking back. She sits on the traditional palanquin, telling dadisa that she would miss them all very much and especially her. She rides uptil shiv’s car and then seats herself with shiv in the back seat. They drive off while her family bids an emotional farewell to their daughter.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Inside the haveli, seated in the drawing room, all are reminisceing their moments with anandi. Khajan remembers anandi’s first vidda ceremony as a child. Dadisa too remembers how she had tortured and been cruel to her in the beginning. She reprimands herself to be too harsh at her. But basant tells her that when she had been angry, she had been equally loving too. And that she would take all the love and affection with her and not the scoldings and the sad moments.

Scene 3:
Location: ON the road
Seeing anandi still upset, shiv holds her hand and tells her that he hopes she’s still not in doubt about her, and says that even if she is, then he wants to reiterate that he would forever and always be by her side. Anandi looks up at him with teary eyes. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying Message: A daughter’s Viddai leaves a vacant space in the hearts and lives of her family. The memories of the past then give immense pain that vents out in the form of tears.

Precap: Dadisa anxiously looking around for jagiya who she hasnt been able to love and care for enough due to the marriage and that now she’s free to do so. Bhairo tells her that jagiya left the house. Everyone is shocked and dadisa doesnt seem to believe her ears.

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