Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written Update Episode starts with Bhabo asking Sandhya to tell what happened to her sari and why it has been slicked with oil, Sandhya is silent.
Everyone stares at Sandhya.
Seeing Sandhya silent, Chaturi tells Bhabo that Sandhya’s sari was with Suraj Ji’s cloth and so the oil may have got to her sari from Suraj’s cloth.
SurYa were anxious, fnally Bhabo asks Sandhya why she is quiet? Sandhya gets tensed.
Asks her to resume reading newspaper.
Now Sandhya reads the report of the oil spill at Ajmer and due to which a series of consecutive accidents occurred. Everyone is shocked and discusses about the accident.
(This is called digging one’s own grave, Sandy should have skipped this news segment instead as it was inside, not in front page )
One thing led to another, Sandy goes to kitchen to save a dish from overcooking, Mohit takes over the reading from her and reads the full news segment, Bhabasa asks him to drop off at his friends place, Suraj says he will be able to do so only after 2 PM, Suraj asks Mohit if he won’t go to office or not so as to dissuade him from reading the report, but Mohit says he will finish reading this report and goes to office, Mohit goes out to cross check if Suraj’s scooter is present outside or not.
Mohit shows everyone newspaper pic of Suraj’s scooter, and Vikram certifies that, and Bhabo sees it as well, Mohit says the stain on Sandy’s saree is from oil spills dropped on road, and so she and Suraj met with an accident last night, Meena remembers Sandy trying to hide her feet, and goes to see if Sandy got any wounds or not, and finally raises her sari and see the wound on elbow, and by this everything is out in open, Bhabo is shocked and goes to see Sandy’s wounds.
Mohit says SurYa might have been to a late nght show as there are multiplex and malls lined up on the road, Chavi asks how come he know so much about Ajmer (me thinks something fishy with Mohit and Emily, otherwise how come Mohit knew about all these) Mohit says he came to know all these from newspapers.
Suraj is quiet.
Bhabo says Mohit to stop insulting Suraj just like that, and asks Suraj the truth, also adds that if Suraj had to go to cinema hall, he would have surely taken her permission for it.
Bhabo again asks Suraj why was he with Sandy so late there at Ajmer, Suraj stays silent, and Bhabo takes it as acceptance of Mohit’s allegation, and as usual starts her rantings, says every-time Bhabasa blames her for not trusting SurYa but this time too is she as fault or what, and says every-time she thinks of trusting Suraj, every-time Suraj breaks her trust.
Chavi and Mohit blames Suraj for setting a bad example. They says when younger siblings do these they get blames, but it seems Suraj is indulging in all these nowadays, these lies and all.
Bhabo is in tears, says Suraj is giving more importance to Sandy, is it okay, but at least Suraj should ask permission from Bhabo before going out so late at night, and shouldn’t tell blatant lies as he told the last night.
Bhabo goes away, SurYa returns in GG room, Sandhya asks Suraj why he didn’t tell the other day that Bhabo was seeking her to teach her sewing, as she doesn’t want to leave any room for Bhabo to remain unsatisfied or any of her household chores unfulfilled.
Suraj said her classes were more important, and as its timings were near, so he didn’t want to waste Sandy’s class as Bhabo wasn’t too eager also, she postponed it to next day, Sandhya shows a sewing set to Suraj and says she is eager to learn sewing and do all things in house in perfect fashion such that Bhabo doesn’t get any room for making complaints. By saying these, Sandy goes away, Suraj is left sitting, sad, dejected and unsure what to do next.
Suraj thinks in his mind, that he tried his best to keep both Bhabo and Sandhya happy, but it seems he is fighting for a losing cause, and didn’t fathom the turn of events earlier.
Finally, Suraj says telling Bhabo about education now won’t be prudent and looks out of sorts at this time, and thinks of future course of action.

Precap–> Sandy washing clothes with detergents and beating them with wooden stick (small), Meena sees that from door and says what had gotten to Sandy today that she is working so hard.
Later, at balcony, Sandhya was about to hang clothes when she notice that one cloth (probably a kurta or T-shirt) got a large hole in it right at the centre, ROFL Bhabo is seeing from the other end & seems enraged, and Sandy is shocked as how come it happene

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