Punar Vivah 19th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written Update Location: Yash’s house
Prashant tells them that he has come to plan dubeyji’s and shobha’s 30th anniversary celebration with them. When yash confuses, that he’s talking about his real parents, prashant clears it. He says that they used to celebrate it, but stopped 5 years bck. whe yash asks why, he says thats when their son died. arti is listening to all this with a tensed look. yash decides to help him with his plans as they would love to make it a grand celebration. They ask prashant to come inside so that they can discuss the plan. While yash and arti move ahead, prashant thinks to himself that everything is going as he had decide and according to what he had decided and follows them.

Inside they discuss and divide their duties. Prashant goes into reminisecing how romantic dubeyji and shobha too were in their youth. when yash asks how he knows so much that even arti doesnt, he covers it up saying that he was with them for a long time. while prashant suggest that he would take arti out for shoppinng, yash would take care of decorations and they would send dubeyji and shobha for a movie. Arti vehemently refuses prashant’s proposal then calms her down and says that she would be with yash and he be with her parents so that somebody can stop them from coming early and spoiling the surprise. Yash too agrees on that.

Scene 2:
Location: Prashant’s house
yash is overseeing the decorations. a workr asks him for a 3 pin plug. He goes inside and is stunned when he looks at arti who is dressed up for the function. He is so dumbfounded, that he mumbles up his sentences. Arti then pulls him out of his trance. He says he needs a 3 pin plug. When she goes to get it, an album falls down the floor. To avoid her bending to get the album, in her condition, he picks it up and starts seeing it. arti realises that this album contains her weddingphoos with prashant. She snatches it from him and when he insists to see it, she tells him that the album comtains memories of the past and she doesnt want to revive them. He agrees and then atking the plug, he leaves. when he’s gone, arti thinks to hreself that she’s doing exactly what yash doent like, that is saying lies. But she dosnt have an option for now and apologizes in her mind to yash for doing this to him.

In the evening, the whole scindia family too comes to wish the couple. while buaji cant stop commenting and taunting on the confined spaces ofthe house, when suraj eyes her, she immediately retracts her statement. Hearing a knock on the door, they all hide and yash motioning arti to opn the door, hides behind a pillar and switches off the lights. ARti happily opens the door and is surprised to find Prashant’s paternal aunt there, who doesnt like arti one bit and has come to visit the house after 7 years. Sh reprimands her for not having touched her feet and then starts cursing her about what a mismatch she was with her nephew, pappu (nickname for pappu)

Then she comes inside and is surprised to find scindia family there who she doesnt recognize. They says that they too are dubeyji’s relatives. she assumes that they are arti’s real parents and their fmily. But gayatri clarifies that they are arti’s in laws. She clarifies that they are arti’s in laws. Suraj then tells her that when arti’s first husband dies, dubeyji got her remarried to their son. She is devastated to know that her pappu is dead and then reprimands arti for having remarried and having no shame in doing that. Yash stands upto her defence saying that it was a good thing she remarried since she has perfectly handled him and his children. Yash asks arti not to mind her talks.

Just then the doorbell rings. Upon yash’s insistence, arti goes to find the couple at the door, who they were all waiting for. Then She gets them inside, and behind them prashant enters, seeing whom his aunt is boggled out of her wits, that prashant who is very much alive has been declared dead by people. The couple are showered with rose petals when the lights go on and congratulated by scindia family and tols that all this was done by yash and arti. they give an obliging glance to yash and arti. Vidhi butts in saying that it was also the plan of their friend’s son prashant. His paternal aunt, hiding behind who had been quiet up until noww, says that she also congratulates the couple on their anniversary. Prashant and the Dubeys along with arti are shocked to see her. The screen freezes on arti’s tensed face.

Precap: Prashant’s aunt comes upto him addressing him as pappu saying that even if nobody is with him, she would stand by him and see that he gets what he rightfully deserves. Prashant is uncomfortable while the scindia family casts questioning glances at each other.

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