Pavitra Rishta 20th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written UpdateOvi is crying and walking very fast ( somewhere outside Onir’s house ) .Arjun is coming after her .Arjun is telling Ovi to calm down and take care of herself but Ovi keeps saying that she kept quiet in front of the doctor and today for the first time I felt that not only your baby but even I meant something to you but the truth is that only Purvi means everything to you .
Arjun is telling her that this is not true and he did not know that Purvi is Onir’s wife .

He begs Ovi to believe him that he did not know anything about Purvi but she keeps screaming so much and keeps saying that were coming to Kolkota only to meet Purvi and were giving everyone lies that you were here to get me treated by Doctor Onir and even the Doctor probabaly does not know that you were having an affair with his wife ..
Arjun gets so angry that he is about to hit Ovi but he stops himself ..
Ovi is now ven more hysterical and accuses him that he tried to hit her because of that girl she is screaming a lot that Arjun has lost it if he wants her to trust his story because now she has seen everything with her own eyes …

She tells Arjun that she is going back to Muumbai and wil lnot get a treatmen tfrom Doctor Onir …suddenly Ovi starts getting abdominal cramps and she faints in Arjun’s arms ..
Arjun panics and takes her back to Doctor Onir’s house .

Doctor Onir checks Ovi’s pulse , tells Arjun to immediately take her to his clinic . At Onir’s clinic , Onir checks an unconscious Ovi and gives her an injection .Purvi and Arjun are both in the room looking very disturbed .Arjun calls Archana and tells her that Ovi has fainted and tells Archu to come to Onir’s clinic .

Arjun and Archana are in a room ( at the clinic ) and Archana is asking Arjun why all this happened with Ovi .Purvi walks in the room and tells Archana that she is Onir’s wife ..Archana is looking shocked to hear this .

Archana and Purvi are in Purvi’s lounge .They are both alone , talking to each other ..Archana is worried about Ovi and her baby .Purvi tells her that Ovi will be fine as she is in good hands with Onir now . Archana tells Purvi that she is happy that Purvi has chosen such a good husband .She tells Purvi that the world is so small and somewhere she did get back with her family even though Purvi wanted to keep herself away …and how much Archana and Manav were looking for Onir but now he is standing in front of Archana in a new relationship .

Archana tells Purvi that she can understand Purvi not telling Onir about Arjun but why is she not telling Onir about her mother and her family .Purvi says that after what happened at Archana’s anniversary , Purvi is too scared to ever want to get back with her family i nMumbai ..and that is wh yshe did not tell her husband anything .
She requests Archana that she wants to keep all this a secret from Onir .

Purvi asks Archana , how are things between Arjun and Ovi as she can feel some friction between them …she is worried if her mission for which she left Mumbai may not have been successful .
Archana tells Purvi that Arjun is trying hard to make the marriage work but Ovi does not trusts him and she feels that Arjun and Purvi are still having an affair .

Archana thinks that sheis failing as a mother where Ovi is concerned .Purvi tells Archana that her sanskaars are good and she should have faith in them …
Archana then asks Purvi , if I was so good then why did you leave me and why are you away from me when you need me so much now …

Doctor Onir comes in the room and tells Archana that she can go and see Ovi as Ovi is fine now …
After Archana leaves he tells Purvi that he only said that to Archana as Archana is Ovi’s mother but the truth is that Ovi’s womb is too weak to carry a baby and her drinking habit is making things even worse .
Onir feels that Ovi is going through some kind of an emotional turmoil .
Hearning this Purv istarts crying …Onir consoles her . He feels that Purvi got sad because she felt sorry for Ovi .

Onir tells Arjun and Archana that they should have some rest in his guest room because now Ovi will only wake up in the morning .Arjun goes but Archana stays with Ovi .

Purvi is walking in her garden at night .She is thinking and worrying about Ovi .Onir sees her , he lovingly takes her inside their bedroom , gives her medicines and tucks her in bed ..He too goes to sleep …Purvi cannot sleep so she gets up and goes out again .

She sees Arjun walking in the garden , all alone . He is looking depressed . Purv is also crying as she sees him .She remembers what she said to him before leaving Mumbai …the song darmiyan plays in the background .

Ovi wakes up in the morning .Arjun and Archana are sleeping next to her bed …
She is angry and breaks all the bottles that are on her bedside …
Onir and Purvi come running i nth eroom ..A hysyerical Ovi is screaming that she is not going to get treatment done by Onir …She is screaming really bad …
Onir also gets angry and tells Arjun to take Ovi out of his clinic right now …and he walks out in anger ..
Ovi starts crying complaining to Archana about Onir showing attitude …Archana is trying to calm down Ovi by hugging her …

Arjun and Purvi run after Onir .Arjun begs Onir to do Ovi’s treatmen tas she needs him .
Onir says that Ovi has no faith in hi mand she is not cooperating and he does not treats patients who are not ready to help themselves ..
Purvi also begs Onir to take care of Ovi .She says that she is also pregnant and knows the kind of emotions Ovi is going through and will herself talk to Ovi ..

Purvi goes i nOvi’s room to talk to her .Ovi is very angry to see her ( as expected ) . Purvi tells Ovi that her actions are effecting the little life that is inside her …
Ovi says that everyone has told her what a bad mother she is and now she does not wants the same lecture from Purvi .
Purvi wants to know if Ovi is happy about her baby .
Ovi says that even today when she looks in Arjun’s eyes , she sees Purvi there and not her ..She says that her happy marriage is just a show for the world and she never wanted things to be this way .. Arjun and her differnces are all because of Purvi .
Purvi says to Ovi that she is now happily married , hasa world of her own and has a husband and is trying to keep her husband happy everyday …That she has moved on in her life .
Ovi says that Purvi yo uhave moved on but Arjun is stil lwhere you left her and it is a torture for Ovi to see her husband with her all the time but thinking about someone else …
She says that Arjun is only taking care of her because he is worried about his baby . She says that she is fed up now and ver ytired of al lthis now and she blames Purvi for all her miseries …

Precap : Onir is talking to Purvi about Ovi .Arjun is looking at them .Onir puts his hands around Purvi’s face , wh ois crying , and tells her that he understands Ovi well and the way she is behaving , no doctor is going to treat her this way ..

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