Punar Vivah 20th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written Update Taiji congrats shobha and dubey for their 30th wedding anniversary python says tai u and he hugs her taijis says I am always there with u and then bua comes she says she is your jethani na and python is dubeys friends son then what relation she has with him….taiji says I am his mom not real but I have loved him more them a mom I will give him his rights….aarti silent taijis says u all are thinking what I am talking u all don’t know the truth is just then dubey takes her blessing and bows down and tells her not to tell anything and shobha also also takes her blessings she says I am like your saas I cant give u any blessing what shall I tell u that your family should grow but your son has died na just then bua says what talks are on we r here to celebrate and your putting salt on their wounds and bua tells them to take shobha yash also goes with aarti but taiji stops her and python says they have to prepare everything we will talk later and python tells them to go…yash takes aarti (his hands are on her shoulder) taijis says u have a big heart how r u tolerating this(Excuse me taiji we viewers are tolerating him since long he has no self respect he wants aarti back useless guy he didn’t even think once before leaving aarti when she was preggo and now he wants both of them back ) she went away holding some one elses hand…python says its my fault not aarti or mom dads fault just then bua comes and python says we will talk later… shobha and dubey are brought they are also in retro look they sit on the chairs and a cake is in front of them everyone claps for them… they both get up cut the cake and feed each other

[on Stage]
Vidhi come and says shobha and dubey have completed 30 years of marriage so here is a special gift and we then see yash aarti dancing on(song pyar hua ikrar hua)they also call the kids and they touch them lovingly and kiss on the kids cheek now kids ask another kiss but as aarti and yash are about to give it they move away so aarti and yash are face to face and they don’t kiss now vidhi and pankaj dance on aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche….now pari and pratik also join them ….everyone happy but taiji angry….now shobha and dubey dance on (song kyu age piche dolte hai from movie golmaal 2) now everyone join them leaving taiji everyone is happy….but taiji calls shobha …

[Room scene]
Shobha takles her in room she says u dunno what has happened taiji scolds her saying how did u remarry your dil shobha tells her he left her when she was preggo… taiji says my papus son he is a dad shobha says he just gave birth but yash is his dad he has fulfilled all responsibilities of being a dad…taiji says python would have returned every guy is like that but he returns back to his own nest one day ur DIL is shameless she could not wait she married a new guy shobha says what did he gave her taiji says he gave her the motherhood he filled her mang he gave an orphan new life shobha says this does nt make a women suhagan…she needs love also

Shobha says I am happy that I remarried to a guy who gave anew life to her and her kid taiji says I don’t believe in this now I am here I will fight for my papus rights just then yash opens the door(hain without knocking) shobha says yash u and yash says I am sorry I disturbed u but I need to talk shobha says come says tell me what u want he says taiji nothing is there to hide from u he says shobha maa thank u she asks for what he says becoz of u aarti ji is in my life and today I am gonna take a big step today I am gonna tell her what imp she holds in my life I am gonna tell her all my feelings…..

Part 3
Yash says I need a small help u have aartis childhood pictures I want them shobha says I will get them and while she is searching for them in cupboard some photos fall down yash offers help but shobha denies she clears it and gives him the pics and then he says thanks but I need one more thing she asks what your blessing so that I can tell her my feelings shobha says god bless u and u both always be happy no problem should come in your way and yash leaves…taiji says I will tell the truth to her family now just then dubey come she says whatever u want will happen and even I want this shobha say what are u saying taiji says I knew my sattu will support me she says lets go dubey says not now but its my promise I will get aarti back taiji says ok take your time but I want my dil and grandson back and aarti hears this from outside she says in mind i cant leave yash ji

Precap: aarti telling u were my past prashant I will never come back to u and yash turns around’ and Aarti is shocked.

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